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In case you notice, the digital advertising strategy of different companies nowadays is a mix of explainer video and standard text. A healthy mixture of various forms of marketing is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and it is a better approach to widening your reach. Some people would instead read a lengthy and informative text, and then others love watching relatable videos. However, when looking at a business perspective, we want to know which one is more effective in attracting traffic and translating that to revenue.


A Comprehensive Analysis of Explainer Video


Video Marketing

A study held in the UK which involved 1,000 individuals, revealed that the possibility that people will share an explainer video is much higher compared to sharing an article. They also realized that people would more likely click on the video advertisement than on rich media and banner advertisements. Videos posted on social media sites such as Facebook are shared 12x more than text articles. Based on the latest statistics released by YouTube, at least 100 million online users are watching and interacting with more than a single video per week.


When you create explainer video for advertisement, you are giving yourself the power to engage different people in a way that an article can't. When reading a text article, it requires the total concentration and attention of the reader to fully discern the content's message. Though we'd like to believe that people can focus their 100% attention on an article, most of them have a short attention span and tend to do multi-tasking. On the other hand, people can absorb the information within a video without giving their full attention. You may work on your other task while listening to the speaker on the video.


Reading Text

 Explainer Video

Text is an essential part of the company's SEO and digital marketing efforts. It is critical since this is how search engine sites index a page. However, creating an article is more than just for SEO. There are instances when users want to digest information at their preferred pace. Text articles with various subheadings will give them a hint about what is being discussed. In an explainer video, the message is often mixed, and they have to watch the entire content to find out if the video has the information they are looking for. With text, they can skim and read the subheadings to determine if it contains educational information. 


The winner is difficult to determine when deciding which one is better between text and explainer video. When you want to reach a different type of audience, you may need to ensure that you will post a mixture of content; video, text, image, audio, and others. Broadening your horizon on the content you post will guarantee that your message will reach more consumers. Regardless of the method you prefer, it is still essential to let the audience understand that you can deliver information at different approaches to increase your online credibility.


Reasons Why Explainer Video is Essential to Every Brand

Explainer Video

Explainer Videos have been referred to as the future of content marketing. According to Cisco, videos will account for more than half of the overall traffic that you receive on your site. One reason for this is the increasing number of people using their devices when browsing websites. Due to these numbers alone, large companies and local businesses have included this in their digital marketing campaign, especially during their pre-launch service. The amount of film development companies that offer their service to different individuals and the surge in the popularity of YouTube is also a testimony that sales videos are here to stay. Here are more reasons why video is an integral part of services and products.


The Ability to Retain Information

 Video Marketing

Experts say that using an explainer video allows you to deliver the right message to your audience, and there is a higher amount of information retention than written content. Furthermore, when using an article to provide the news, there is a tendency for the audience to misinterpret the article's content as opposed to a video that contains moving images and engaging audio sound to explain the content better. By hiring the service of a film creation company, you will be able to create more professional videos, which the consumers will find appealing.


The Statistics

 Video Marketing

Statistics show that around 63% of consumers attest that it is easier to reach a company with an explainer video. 84% of the social media users also tend to engage on a company video that appeared on their news feed. This allows your company to reach a broader audience and not just be restricted in your area of concern. Video has also proved to be helpful in increasing the chances of opening an email message. Around 56% of the consumers have opened an email that contains a video and watched them. 56% of the consumers online are also using the videos in helping them reach a purchasing decision.




By opening your company to a broad audience on the social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, your explainer videos are being exposed to more audiences. This can increase your traffic, lead generation, and significantly improve your conversion rate.


Increasing the Conversion Rate

 Video Marketing

According to the study released by Internet Retailer, people who watched explainer videos are more likely to execute a purchase. Several companies also posted an increased conversion rate after posting videos. CrazyEgg shows a massive increase of 64% in their revenue. also received 80,000 sign-ups when they posted an animated sales video during their pre-launch service.


The Number of People that Downloads App with Videos


The number of people accessing the video through their mobile has prompted many to download video applications. Most of the users belong to the younger set of audiences. Around 44% of them are saying that they prefer to download an app with explainer videos rather than those applications without.


These are just some reasons stating the importance of video and why you should hire the service of a professional film creation company and ask them to create explainer videos for your product or service.


Tips for an Effective Animated Explainer Video

 Video Marketing

If you are hoping to increase your conversion rates, engagement rate, or help your company's branding, a sales video is the principal solution to all your needs. To stand out from the other opposition, you may need to step it a notch by creating an animated explainer video. This marketing asset has a higher engagement rate and can massively increase your traffic.


What is Animated Explainer Video?

 Video Marketing

An animated explainer video is meant to explain your service and product to your audience through engaging video animation. It offers an opportunity to deliver your brand's story; what your product is, the purpose, and why they are at a disadvantage if they fail to get your product. Companies utilize video animations to impart vital information to their targeted audience, similar to sales videos. Remember to maintain the video animation sweet, short, and loaded with fascinating data.


There are heaps of advantages to utilizing promotional videos. They stand out among the best approaches to increase your conversion rate, making it the perfect introduction page. An animated explainer video must be vital and engaging. It is ideal for sharing the data that the consumers need to be aware of. They're likewise entirely practical. If you want to release a new item in the market or highlight a more perplexing administration, video animation is the sure way to do it.


Why is an animated explainer video effective?

 Video Marketing

When you first think about video marketing, the animation will not cross your mind. You probably think that creating an animated explainer video will take so much time, and shooting a video with your co-workers is enough to keep the audience engaged. However, it is the best approach in business marketing though it is a bit unconventional. Here's why:


·         Budget-friendly- Unlike the live-action video explainer, you will not spend additional money purchasing props, on-screen characters, lighting materials, locations, and the crew needed to create a 45-second explainer video. In an animated explainer video, you only need to talk to one company, and they will be taking that burden away from you.


·         No Restriction-Creating a live-action promotional video confines you to a specific concept. The possibilities are endless with an animated explainer video; you can set the mood in outer space, in a busy street in Shanghai, or on the north pole together with the polar bears.



·         Professionalism- With video animation, you no longer have to worry about the awful features of your actor's appearance, improper lighting, poor background, low-quality cameras, etc.


·         Effective- Twitter can attest to the efficacy of animated explainer videos when they released a video animation to explain the "How-To's" to their audience during their initial release. As of now, Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms globally.



An animated explainer video is a modern approach to building the company's image and getting in touch with the customers. It is a perfect way for you to tell your story and create loyal customers by making them relate to your videos.

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