Best Colors for Your Cleaning Company Logo?

Color psychology has long been used in logo design. It is a concept that states that color has a unique way of influencing consumers' personalities, emotions, and purchasing behavior. By introducing the right color to your logo, you can deliver your business's message, vision, and unique selling proposition. If you are running a maid service, pressure washing service, kitchen cleaning, or commercial space cleaning, the color that you will pick for your cleaning company logo can make a huge difference.


What Is the Best Color for Your Cleaning Company Logo?


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You might be wondering how important color is in your cleaning company logo. Would it be a problem if I use a color that is more prevalent in another industry? The thing is, designing a logo comes with creative freedom. There are logo design rules that we mentioned before, but you are free to choose the color you prefer. However, it would still be best to look at color psychology. Remember that this is more than just a trademark for your company. It will be a part of your company for years; it creates a sense of familiarity and will make you appear more endearing in the eye of the consumers. Let's have a look at some of the best colors that you can use for your logo.


Red Stimulates Strong Emotion

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The red color will be an excellent option to add to your cleaning company logo if you want to show to the audience your passion for your business. Red is mainly used in the food business since it can stimulate the consumers' appetite. It also creates a sense of youthfulness, vitality, energy, and fun character for your business. This could be a good option if your cleaning business focuses on child-friendly establishments. It is also a good choice if you want your logo to stand out from the market and make it more noticeable. However, you should still be careful since it can incite strong emotions, such as anger.

  • Red is a good choice if you want to attract the audience's attention. It is a powerful color, but only when used sparingly, especially in the cleaning industry. People can see this color better even from afar.

  • Giving a Sense of Urgency- In a marketing campaign, it is always advised to provide the people with a sense of urgency to encourage them to create a purchase. Red can have this influence. However, if you overuse this color, people may think it is associated with danger. Perhaps it is a good shade if you are handling the cleaning of hazardous waste and chemical.
  • Avoid using red alone in your cleaning company logo. It would be better to pair it with muted or neutral colors. 

Orange Evokes a Sense of Happiness

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If you want your target audience to think that your business is offering an innovative yet playful approach, adding an orange shade to your logo may be the solution you need. Orange can also help your business stand out from this crowded market. It has enthusiastic, friendly, and joyful energy. If you think that red is too overbearing, orange can also be a good option if your goal is to capture people's attention. However, you should be very cautious in choosing the tone that you will add to your cleaning company logo. Some shades will have a harsh effect on the eye of the consumers, which is why most companies will choose a peachier shade of orange. You should strive to preserve the beneficial impact of the orange tone.

  • Orange is a mix of red and yellow, which also makes them associated with the idea of change. Companies who want to show their friendly, exciting, and fresh personality will prefer to add this color to their logo.
  • Be sure to balance the color by choosing a neutral shade if you want to have an orange tone in your business logo.


Yellow Emanates a Sense of Happiness

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Yellow is the color of the sun; it is used by businesses who want to transmit to their audience that they are a friendly business. It is the color of summer which can also show youthful energy. If you plan to use yellow in your cleaning company, this could send a signal to the consumers that you are offering a more affordable service. However, this may also prompt them to think you are offering substandard or cheaper service. Be sure never to overwhelm your audience with a solid yellow tone. Gold color could be a better option.

  • Yellow can also be a good choice for your HR department since it pertains to opportunity. It also evokes spontaneity, perfect for cleaning companies who want to show a more laidback approach.


Green Logos Is for Eco-Friendly Business

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People can easily differentiate the different shades of green. The stronger shade may incite negative impacts such as greed and jealousy. Perhaps green would be the more prevalent choice of color in the cleaning industry. Usually, green will be associated with growth and progress. However, it can also transmit balance, harmony, and calmness. It is an excellent choice to add to your cleaning company logo if you want to show your audience that you are offering an environment-friendly and organic solution. Apart from the cleaning business, it is also used widely on vegan products and natural beauty solutions.

  • Be conscious of the cultural influence of green before adding this to your cleaning business logo. Depending on the culture, the influence of color may change. For instance, in some countries, green could be associated with wealth and finances due to the color of their bill.
  • Green can also be a perfect choice if your cleaning business targets hospitals and similar businesses since it is the color of healing and rejuvenation.

Blue Stands for Credibility

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This is another preferred color of the marketer since it has always been associated with dependability, trustworthiness, and honesty. It delivers the message to your target audience that you are serious about offering your cleaning solution. Blue is also the symbolism of control, trust, confidence, security, and logic. It helps in establishing the trust between the company and your target audience. However, it also presents a couple of issues if not used sparingly. For instance, due to the popularity of this color in company logos, it would be difficult for you to separate yourself from the other business. As we mentioned in the past article, you always need to find ways to be unique; try to experiment with different shades of blue. You should also remember that blue is in the cooler part of the color spectrum. This will make your company appear unfriendly and cold. Therefore, you should be wise in transmitting the colors of your cleaning company logo.

  • Blue is the color of confidence, which is why you will often see them in finance sectors, IT companies, transport businesses, energy, and IT businesses. For a cleaning company, you can use this to show that you are the authority in the market.


Purple Adds Luxury to Your Business

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Purple could be a good choice if your cleaning business targets the more affluent community and high-end business establishments. Purple can also symbolize spirituality and is related to sophistication, mystery, fantasy, and extravagance. It can be a powerful way to capture the attention of the consumer. Combining it with other colors can create a perfect branding design. Purple could also be a good cleaning company logo if you want to send a message to the public that you are offering a modernized solution.


Pink Is for Femininity

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If you want your cleaning business to be more appealing to the female audience, a pink logo could be a good option. It is a symbol of childhood, comfort, dreams, and fantasy. As we mentioned above, you should also consider the cultural significance of the color. For instance, pink in Japan is associated with spring due to the blossoms of Sakura. Therefore, your branding could be related to fantasy and sweetness. If you want your cleaning company to evoke a sense of youthfulness, it is also a powerful color. However, people may also link you to the quality of immaturity.


Brown Pertains to Maturity

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Brown is a color of maturity, safety, and strength. It is the color of the earth; therefore, it also possesses all the qualities of the earth, such as humility and security. However, it also carries negative connotations such as decay and rotting. Using this in your cleaning company logo is an excellent choice to tell your audience that you are a manual and mature company. Brown can also send a message to your customers that you are ecologically aware and that you are using organic products.


We humans will often associate colors with certain behaviors and feelings. We also associate the colors that we see on graphics and logo design with the message and story of the brand. Knowing the basics of color psychology may help you build a cleaning company logo that resonates with your target market.

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