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If you are looking for quick cash to help your business stay afloat or address a sudden emergency, some people might choose to find them in the most unusual place. During an economic recession, selling your ongoing cash payment such as your structured settlement, lottery payoffs, and annuity plan are popular options. However, if you are still experiencing financial difficulty after this, you can find this article worthwhile. Financial advisers will not recommend cashing out your scheduled payments unless you are in a very dire situation. Understand that this is not your only option. Consider an alternative to JG Wentworth for the best solution.


An Alternative Solution to JG Wentworth


I want to sell my structured settlement

If you are looking for a better option, the assistance offered by JG Wentworth could provide you with the quick cash that you need. According to them, they will pay you for not selling your annuity. 

They will even support you if you prefer to cancel this transaction. If you don’t feel at ease in completing the transaction with your annuity buyer, their people can help you legally get out of this situation. 

This company is against the selling of your annuity payment. They tell people that it would always be better to get a hold of your scheduled payment. If you need immediate cash, it is better to consult them before you consider cashing out your structured settlement.


What is a Structured Settlement?


We’ve discussed different things related to the structured settlement before. Basically, it is a scheduled payment received by an individual that will help them deal with life changes. 

It can be due to a personal injury, a pension plan, a lottery cashout, etc. However, there are instances when the monthly payment you are receiving is no longer enough, and the local court can help you determine if selling this would be the best scenario. 

Selling your annuity will entitle you to a hefty payment and can help you deal with an emergency or a future living situation. 

The insurance company or annuity buyer can choose to settle it in various ways. Some people choose to receive a lump sum, while others prefer to sell a fraction of their structured settlement. 

However, an alternative to JG Wentworth is telling you that it is always better to


Why Should You Hold On to Your Structured Settlement?

 JG Wentworth

We’ve mentioned the different benefits you can enjoy if you sell your structured settlement. However, that does not apply to everyone. is asking you to keep your annuities. 

The regular payment you will receive could help you remain financially stable for a specific period. Moreover, your payment will not immediately lose its value and prevent you from suffering in a state of penury. 

If you can no longer be involved in a regular job, the periodic assistance will serve as your lifeline that will help you sustain your standard livelihood. 

With an alternative to JG Wentworth, you could find a solution that suits you.


Selling Your Annuity is a Wasted Opportunity

 I want to sell my structured settlement

Some people think that selling their annuity would bail them out of their situation, but most will only look at it as a one-time-big-time opportunity. If they don’t have the proper way to manage their financial pool, they will soon return to a state of poverty. 

Before you even think of selling your structured settlement, make sure you learn some financial management and diligence skills. With an alternative to JG Wentworth, you can prevent this from happening. 

You will not have to do business with a pushy salesperson who is pressuring you to sell your periodic payment. Instead, you will have a company that will advocate for your best interest and convinces you not to sell your annuity. 

They will help you understand that it is your lifeline to ensure that you will live a stable and better life. With the periodic payment, you have the option to save the cash, put it into a profitable investment, and enjoy a better livelihood.


Are there any Disadvantages of Not Selling My Annuity?

 JG Wentworth

While this alternative to JG Wentworth seems to be promising an excellent option, there are also some disadvantages to those who will not choose to sell their annuity. Here are some things to consider.

  • Insolvency of the Company- It may seem fine, but suddenly the paying company filed for bankruptcy, leaving you and thousands of other victims at a loss. If it is during economic uncertainties, understand that most of these companies will experience struggles and financial difficulties. This can be a problematic situation for people who have committed themselves to a lifetime payment. Even JG Wentworth, an established company, has suffered problems twice in the past.

  • Less Flexible- Inflation is bound to happen, and the rigidity of the terms and interest rate of the payment is one of the significant drawbacks of this periodic payment. Your cost of living is destined to increase, which considerably reduces the value of your annuity.


What Solution Does 500 Cash Out Offer?

 I want to sell my structured settlement

As an alternative to JG Wentworth, this company offers $500 in exchange for not selling your structured settlement. All it takes would be a 15-minute consultation by phone.

This would be a swift process compared to dealing with different annuity buyers, preparing all the paperwork, and going through court proceedings. 

They will also teach you that some of these buyers are hidden under other company names. Through this consultation, you will understand how these companies have blocked you from getting the best option. 

They will also educate you about the financial risks and possible losses if you choose to go through their contract.


Is Selling a Structured Settlement a Good Idea?

 I want to sell my structured settlement

As we mentioned, the answer will depend upon various factors. For instance, during economic difficulties and the paying company is not stable, you might find yourself in some financial problems. 

There’s also a chance that your periodic payment no longer offers the same value to you due to your increasing living cost. Lately, you might notice a growing number of commercials and advertisements of companies buying annuities. 

This indicates that there is an upswing in this industry. Nonetheless, most companies declined to provide the current numbers. 

Knowing if selling is a good idea or it is better to choose the alternative to JG Wentworth depends upon your unique circumstances.


How Much Money Should I Get?


The anti-structured settlement company could offer you $500 for not selling your annuity. But what’s the catch? 

Don’t expect this amount to be free, but consider this a loan. In fact, some websites refer to this as a pre-settlement loan. As we all know, it will take a while before you receive approval from the judge, whether it is a wise decision to sell your structured settlement or not. 

However, your financial difficulties cannot wait and will continue to accrue interest. As an alternative solution to JG Wentworth offers this kind of structured settlement loan

Before choosing them as your best option, here are some things to consider.

 JG Wentworth

  • Can You obtain this fund at a lower rate from another source? For instance, you could refinance your current needs through a home mortgage refinance or from a bank loan. You could also reach out to a family member and ask for a loan.

  •  How much will you pay back?

  • Your amount of money advance as compared to the cash you really need

  • Your reason for securing an advance. Consider if this is necessary


Understand that the Pre-settlement Loans offered by the alternative to JG Wentworth will not be your average loan. There is no requirement involved until after the judge has approved your lawsuit. In this kind of settlement, you will not need to pay for the loan if you lose the case. If you win the legal suit, you will have to repay the loan, and the legal fees will be deducted from the amount you will receive.

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