5 Most Inspiring Productivity Books


Improving our productivity is an essential thing to do if we want a successful life. Being more efficient and effective means that completing a task will require lesser time, less room for mistakes, and the end will be a high-quality result. With the insurmountable benefits that you can have when improving your efficiency, you may wonder why this is not being taught in school. To guide you with a more productive day, here are the five best productivity books that will teach you essential factors that can lead to enhanced efficiency.


5 Essential Productivity Books for You


best productivity book

Being productive is an inherent part of humans. We always strive to be better than yesterday. Unfortunately, there are basic things that surround productivity that we commonly neglect. The books here will remind you about these things.


The 4-Hour Workweek


This productivity book is basically about time management skills that lead to financial freedom and having more options in your life. By getting read of the unnecessary task in your life, you will be able to live the life that you’ve always wanted. “Success” differs from person to person, and with the 4-Hour Workweek, you will be able to become, do and have the things you want. This book is not essentially exclusive to people who are in the business. The principles included in this book by Timothy Ferris can be applied in any aspect of your life.


Getting Things Done

 best productivity book

A self-help book written by David Allen, this is definitely one of the most popular books about productivity. This should be generic to all people who are seeking a productive life. It will basically teach you the fundamentals of management, allowing you to deal with your workload efficiently. The theory of the book is pretty basic; it is just reminding us of the things that we constantly forget.


How to Win Friends and Influence People


All of us can learn a thing or two about this book by Dale Carnegie. Like the other self-help productivity books, it is also about a simple principle that we often neglect. This is about extending your reach to different people and convincing them about the way you perceive things, staying away from possible arguments, and enhancing your charm. To those who are working on sales or leadership, this book will definitely help them big time.


I Will Teach You to Be Rich

 best productivity book

This book, written by Ramit Sethi, helps you successfully identify where your money is heading and make it work for you, allowing you to save for your real happiness. It encourages you to focus your energy on more critical things. It is more of a program that will help you effectively manage all aspects of your life, leading to enhanced productivity.


Manage Your Day to Day


It is basically about the small choices you make in your life that affect your productivity. 99U has brought the insights of the experts in this productivity book and made a comprehensive guide that will assist ideal time management, better focus, and enhance your creativity.

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