13 Company Logo Design Tips for Branding Strategy


Whether you are a professional logo designer or a novice freelancer, the company logo design tips we will share in this article will help you elevate your business branding to new heights. Logos have become an essential part of a business. It has been a part of a marketing campaign. It helps convey the values and vision of the organization to the right audience. The right color of the logo can also stimulate the best emotion and encourage people to purchase. You can also add them to your business card, which will further help you improve your brand awareness.


A Comprehensive Guide on Company Logo Design


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The process of designing the company logo can be overwhelming. However, there's nothing straightforward in managing a business. Even something simple on the superficial layer can turn out to be complex once you dig into it. When developing your logo, you want this to tell your brand's story. You want people to understand what you do, how you do things, and why you established your business. You want to make sure that it can seamlessly integrate on different platforms and channels such as your social media account, websites, pamphlets, business cards, etc. Remember some of the tips we will mention here.


The Image of Your Logo

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A logo is defined as the visual representation of your business. Telling them what you can do will take so much trouble. Understand that you only have 2 seconds to capture the interest of your audience. With the shortening audience's attention span, it is crucial to deliver the right message within that short span of time. Paying attention to the icons you will use for your business logowill help you deliver the message to your target market. For instance, the use of the sun can make people feel elated, which reminds them of the warmth of the summer season. Choose your icon carefully, be sure that it helps represent who you are. Take a look at the logo of Twitter, the bluebird. It symbolizes the short yet attention-calling twit-sound of the bird.


Take Advantage of the Empty Space


If you look at the top fashion designer, you will notice how they try to keep their design minimalistic. They will not include those unnecessary accessories. The same thing should be applied in designing your company logo. The blank space does not mean that your logo is boring; it helps people notice your logo even from afar. Keeping your business logo clean will help you encourage your audience to focus only on what's important. Consider the logo of Apple; people can still recognize their logo even with a simple glance. This is because they have eliminated all noise from the background and focused only on the simple apple icon. It can be said that this company has taken the minimalistic approach to a whole new realm. This only proves that you don't necessarily have to add a bunch of shapes, vectors, colors, and text to create an effective logo. Also, you will find the blank space extremely effective when adding the logo on your t-shirt printing, brochure, business cards, and poster design.


Choosing Shape

 Apple logo

Shapes would be an exciting element of your business logo to help your branding stand out. For instance, enclosing the company's name in a box evokes a sense of professionalism. Shapes will also be beneficial when using the logo in cross-platform since the boxed design works well on digital platforms and offline marketing channels. Adding it to company merchandise or promotional items is also simple since the box creates a specific border and dimension. If you are bold enough, you can add shapes that have a colorful gradient to make your logo more noticeable, but this will be a gamble. This will not be suitable for all nature of business. A blue gradient box can give you that sleek look; blue helps emanate credibility.


Imagine How Your Logo Will Appear on Your Establishment

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If you are opening a coffee shop and are in the process of company logo design, you need to envision how this logo would appear when you add it to your establishment. Understand that this is the first thing people will notice before they even enter your shop. Most of them will be clueless about the ambiance inside and the taste of your coffee; they are only aware of what your business logo appears like. An online mock-up generator can help you have a clearer view of this if you lack the imagination. Furthermore, you need to imagine how you will use your business logo in your advertisement and marketing campaign. If you plan to do some networking, be sure that your logo will appear magnificent on your business cards.


Color Psychology


We have discussed different colors before and how color can help you create a good business logo. Some experts will advise you to stick in the monochromatic shade, but it can sometimes be painful to the eyes and appear deadly boring. If you are a spa or resort company, this will not be an ideal choice. It would be best if you looked into the study of color psychology. Most companies have been using this to stimulate the right emotion. For example, you might notice how red is more prevalent in the food industry, such as Coca-Cola and McDonald's. This is because red has the power to influence the customers' appetite. However, you should be careful in overdoing this since it can also incite a strong, aggressive emotion such as anger. If you want to convey to the audience that your beauty product is made from organic ingredients, green would be an excellent choice. Blue is commonly seen in law firms since it signals that the company is trustworthy.


Be Direct


Have you noticed how some businesses are very straightforward in their company logo design, such as Lego, Skype, eBay, Amazon.com, etc.? Sometimes, choosing a business logo could be that easy, especially if the name of your business conveys the core function of your business. Lego is a Danish term that translates to Play Well. Therefore, there is absolutely no sense in adding any fancy icon. Do not be afraid to choose the more obvious aspect. Moreover, carelessly adding images to your logo could expose you to copyright infringement claims.


Personalize Your Logo

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There's no issue in being literal on your company logo. However, you want to make sure that it fits your business. Some nature of business will require a higher level of professionalism, credibility, and authority. In contrast, others, such as food carts and ice cream shops, need to have a more playful and laid-back approach. This may not be the first time that you will encounter a logo. Walk around your business district and ask yourself if you will trust a business once you see its logo. Personalizing your brand can help you ensure that your logo will perfectly fit the nature of your business.


Avoid Creating Your Own Rules


Avoid fixing things if they work. Sometimes, all it takes is a cigar with smoke to tell your audience that you are a tobacco company. If your instinct tells you that you are walking the right path in your logo design, then use it. You should also observe the logo of your competitors in the market. Perhaps you will notice some similarities, such as the shape, font style, or color. There are already rules in designing a logo; if it has worked for a century, then there's no reason why you should create your own and break the existing rules unless you are an expert designer.


Be Sure that Your Logo Can Grow with the Company

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If you notice the logo of the big brands, there have been subtle changes on them over the years. The 1886 Coca-Cola logo is dramatically different from the business logo we know these days. However, if you trace back the history of their logo, the changes they've made were gradual. Be sure that you will take advantage of the company branding you've already established. Adding some drastic and forceful modifications to your logo will confuse your audience. It would be impossible for your existing audience to notice your company if you created a completely different company logo design. While it may be acceptable to be creative and bold, and try some new things, make sure that you retain the core design. You can use shapes, colors, and icons to modernize the brand logo. However, modernization does not aim to make your brand appear trendy, but it should look fresh.


Understand Your Brand


This should be on top of our company logo design tips. It would be impossible to develop a logo that best represents your business if you have no in-depth understanding of it. Remember that your logo is designed to reach and connect with your target market. Try to document all things that you know about your business. In another column, add the things that you want your business to be and your brand ideology. You should understand how you want to develop the company's perception of your business.


Create a Buyer Persona

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Another important information that you can use in designing your logo is your buyer persona. It is like an imaginary representation of your audience that will be beneficial to most startups. With this, you will develop your target market's characteristics, behavior, interests, problems, etc. This will also include their average monthly income, cultural background, financial standing, and educational attainment. Once you understand this, you can develop a company logo that speaks to these people. You can pick the right color and elements. It will serve as your guide in navigating the complex logo design process.


Monitor Your Competition

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We've already slightly touched on this topic above. Spying on your competitors will help you develop a logo design that will make you stand out from the crowded market. Look at what elements of their business logo work and what makes it so effective. Find out how you can make this better and accurately represent your business values and function. These will serve as your inspirational ideas. Look for something that will catch your attention, and most possibly, this will also capture the interest of your audience. Remember that your logo is the identity of your brand. It should look different from your competitors but at the same time reflect the industry where you belong.


Creating a Memorable Logo Design

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 Perhaps you have already taken all the design strategies mentioned above. Now that you've made a couple of sketches find out if some of them will be memorable or not. You may need to ask someone to do this. Be sure that they will not be completely acquainted with your company. Show the logo to them for a minute or two, and ask them about the elements they can remember. If you want to stick to a text-based logo, add some twists to make it memorable. For instance, if you notice the FedEx logo, you will notice how the space between 'e' and 'x' creates the symbol of an arrow.


Importance of Company Logo Design for Branding


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A logo is crucial because it offers a range of benefits. As long as it is done according to the tips mentioned above, you can guarantee that it will help your company's branding campaign.

  •  It Helps Capture the Attention of the People- You should understand that people have a shorter attention span. Usually, it will only take 2 seconds to convince people that you are the best option for them. Ensure you can give them a positive first impression during that short instance. Therefore, company logo design can help you achieve this.
  • Creates a Positive First Impression- We have only one chance to make the first impression on our target audience. If you can't accomplish this, you will alienate your target audience.
  • It Highlights Your Brand Identity- The correct branding helps you tell your company's story. While it may be true that a company logo design is only a tiny fraction of the company's branding campaign, it will still serve as the backbone of the whole brand narrative.
  • It Helps Retain Information- People can retain more information about your company with a logo. People will process images faster than text. It will be easier for your audience to forget about your company, but they can quickly associate your logo with something familiar.

Finally, try to keep things simple. If you observe most of the company logo design, you will notice how it sticks with only two colors; if there are too many colors, your audience will find it confusing. Elements and fonts are also limited. Simple design is more likely to be memorable, and the audience will retain more information about them.

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