Your Guide on a Luxury Vacations in Jordan


You have finally reached Aqaba, a prominent place for Luxury Vacations in Jordan. Experience the beauty of nature in Aqaba through its desert landscape, valley, and breathtaking beaches. Situated at the nation's capital, it is not that hard to figure out why most travelers choose this as their favorite destination for Holidays in Jordan. Their beaches have several ideal diving spots and snorkeling that every diver will appreciate. The expansive and sandy shoreline and the world-class hotel are some of the things they are proud of. If you are looking for the best Beach Holidays in Jordan, Aqaba would be a perfect place to look.


Top Beach Vacations in Jordan

Luxury Vacations in Jordan

When you are in Aqaba, your fantasy beach vacations in Jordan can come true as travelers can enjoy the warm weather and the comfy sand on their shoreline. You may experience soaking your skin under the sun or enjoying the clear waters of Aqaba Beach. Water sports are also a perfect luxury Holidays in Jordan as the divers can submerge to enjoy the sight of the amazing coral reefs.


The Private Beaches in Aqaba

 Beach holidays in Jordan

The hotel management normally ran the best private beaches in Aqaba. To get an entrance on their long and stunning beach, you will have to pay an entrance fee. You will also have access to their wide range of facilities upon entry. If you think you will be spending quite a long time in Jordan or if you are an ex-pat, we recommend you acquire the exclusive membership for the great beach vacations in Jordan.


The Private Beaches nestled in the inner city are ideal for swimming. The Movenpick, Kempinski, and Intercontinental Beach are some of the best private beaches. At Intercontinental Beach, you will enjoy their complete list of facilities, including swimming pools, kid's pool, beach bar, Jacuzzi, water sports, beach volleyball, and amenities such as towels, shades, and other complimentary gifts. At Kempinski Beach, you will enjoy the Red Sea Beach. There are also restaurants, bars, and Jacuzzi in the area. Movenpick is ideal for people who will visit the beach during Holidays in Jordan as the pools are heated.


If you are looking for a great diving spot, you won't be able to find it in the inner city. We highly recommend moving to Tala Bay, where beauty is truly unparalleled. The Tala Bay Beach Club is a renowned tourist destination. A perfect way to reach this area is by Taxi. You may also ride the shuttle bus that tends to pick up the travelers from their destination. The Movenpick at the Tala Bay is also a great destination for Beach vacations in Jordan. You may rent gear to experience the astonishing coral reefs in Tala Bay.


The Public Beaches in Aqaba

 Beach holidays in Jordan

Public Beaches are primarily located on the Southern Coast; Al-Hafayer is the only beach situated in the inner city that is open to the public. Lately, some people are referring to it as Palm Beach. However, we do not really recommend this for tourists, especially for women. It is a nice play to do people-watching and observe the gorgeous sunset while enjoying a cup of coffee.


Ten minutes away from the downtown, you will see the public beaches located on the Southern Coast. They are generally managed and owned by the Marine Park in Aqaba. The extensive shoreline has been divided into five beaches; one of the most recommended parts would be Beach 3 because it is the most developed public beach. They have facilities that they can offer the guests for great vacations in Jordan, such as a playground where the kids can play and a beach Café designed similar to a boat, gift shop, shell museum, restaurant, and visitor center. The shipwreck of the Cedar Pride can also be found in this area. You will be able to see on the shipwreck even without any diving gear. For the divers, they have the opportunity to see 161 types of fish and 127 hard coral.


So whatever beach you choose for a perfect Beach vacations in Jordan, you can assure that you will be able to find diverse and colorful fish and astounding coral reef formation.


Understanding Jordanian Customs

 Beach holidays in Jordan

Before you finally fulfill your life-long wish to have a vacations in Jordan to see the Dead Sea or search the Treasury of Petra, you need to know about the laws and the local customs that are typically unknown to the tourist. No matter how weird they may sound to a traveler, you need to strictly follow them to avoid any possible risk of getting kicked out of Jordan or being imprisoned.


The Do's on Jordanian Customs


The Jordanians are everything you expect them to be; they are honest, courteous, respectful, and decent. It is only essential that you return that amount of respect by showing courtesy to their local customs.


Do Pay Attention to Your Dress and Grooming

 Luxury Vacations in Jordan

Your appearance is the first face of interaction between the tourist and the locals, which often becomes a source of misunderstanding. Most tourists will regularly ignore the 'basic dress code,' unaware of how much it is demeaning for the locals. Wearing clothes that are not fit to wear at home can be viewed as offensive behavior. When joining a Jordan guided tour, paying great attention to your grooming is highly recommended. For the male tourists, refrain from wearing shorts during your vacations in Jordan. Long trousers and a buttoned shirt tucked inside your pants are highly recommended. For the female tourist, wear opaque and long clothing covering your chest area, legs, and arms. The nape found in the neck area is considered erotic for the Jordanians, so it is a must to cover that area.


Do Not Open a Conversation about Christianity


Though Christians are permitted to practice their faith in Jordan, it is highly illegal for them to promote conversation regarding Christianity. There are also specific sects of Christianity that are not recognized officially as religion, such as the Church of Christ and Jehovah's Witness. Preaching in public or trying to convert a Muslim is also illegal. It is recommended to focus entirely on your vacations in Jordan and not on the religious aspect.


Do not Take Your Recreational Drugs with You

 Beach holidays in Jordan

In Jordan, there are controlled substances such as alcoholic liquor. You are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages; however, there are certain fines if the authority discovered that you are intoxicated and in public or if you are drinking outside of the bar, so highly avoid that during your luxury vacations in Jordan. Nevertheless, the fines are considered less serious than illegal or recreational drugs. If you were seen with marijuana, the law would severely punish you.


Do Greet People with Respect


When you are meeting a local Jordanian, we recommend you shake with the people you meet. There are times that the woman wearing a veil will not reach out to your handshake since the culture is still pretty conservative, but that is just fine. When you are greeting them, stand up to your seat. Refrain from passing or greeting someone in the middle of their prayer.


Do Accept Invitation

 Luxury Vacations in Jordan

There are times that the host will invite you for a cup of coffee, make sure to accept their invitation. Coffee is an important part of their culture for the Jordanians, symbolizing their hospitality. You should reciprocate their hospitality by accepting it with respect. When you are done with your coffee, shake the cup to inform the host that you no longer wish to drink a coffee. Simply hold the coffee in front of the teapot if you want to have some more. Never feel uncomfortable if you are overfeeding during your vacations in Jordan since food is a depiction of their hospitality.


 Do Give the Waiter Some Tip

 Beach holidays in Jordan

After a sumptuous meal in a restaurant, it is recommended to provide them with some tips. A 10% of the overall bill will be greatly appreciated, but it may not be necessary if the tip is included in your invoice. You are also not obliged to give the taxi driver tip during your luxury holidays in Jordan. Under such circumstances, the passenger is not compelled to give a tip but will also be appreciated. Remember to carry some loose change when you go on vacations in Jordan since the locals do not carry ample change with them.


When you are visiting the country of Jordan, it is highly recommended to keep these do's and don'ts in your mind. You will be able to follow the local customs and make it a more enjoyable vacations in Jordan.

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