What is YouTube Multi Channel Network?


YouTube has been attracting more than 1.7 billion unique visits every month. Looking for ways to monetize on the significant number of visits can be quite challenging for the content creator and the company looking for digital influencers to create sponsored content. With the increasing popularity and a wider social reach, MCN or Multi Channel Network has emerged to help the YouTube creators develop high-quality videos and manage their marketing income flow. It also creates a vital connection between the companies and the YouTubers by facilitating a profitable partnership and giving the companies seamless access to the influencers.


What Services Does Youtube Multi Channel Network Offer?



YouTube’s Multi-Channel Network is an organization in partnership with the YouTube channels and other video hosting platforms. They offer services such as brand sponsorship, product development, funding, cross-promotion, target audience development, monetization, and management of digital rights. They are providing their service in exchange for getting a pre-determined percentage of the revenue generated on brand sponsorship and advertisement on the digital influencer’s channel. They are also designed to simplify audience building, editing and producing content, and advertising.


Should You Join It?

 YouTube Multi Channel Network

There would come a time that you may consider joining the Multi channel Network, especially if you started accumulating a significant audience. To help you with your decision, we created a list of advantages and disadvantages of joining MCN.


Advantages of Joining MCN


·         Connect You To Companies For Brand Sponsorship-   With the help of the Multi Channel Network, you will be able to connect with different companies for brand sponsorship. The process they offer is beneficial for those clueless about discussing financial deals. You can focus on creating high-quality content, and someone else will take care of the deal for you. These MCNs are deeply committed to giving you the payment you deserve since they are also getting a portion of it.


·         Protect your Copyright Claim- One of the greatest advantages of joining a Multi Channel Network is getting protection for your copyrighted materials. The unique algorithm system of YouTube allows them to find copyrighted content. When a person receives a strike for copyright, they will lose the capacity to monetize their content and the different features that YouTube offers.


·         Ability to Collaborate with Other Digital Influencers- by collaborating with the other digital influencers on YouTube, you can immensely increase the subscribers on your network. Collaborating with them allows you to boost your online visibility.


Disadvantages of Joining MCN

 YouTube Multi Channel Network

·         A Split of Revenue- Under the partnership agreement on YouTube’s Multi Channel network, there will be a 45/55 split of revenue wherein 45% of your income will go to YouTube and the remaining 55% of revenue will go to your YouTube channel.


·         Giving Empty Promises- Different Multi Channel networks are only concerned with getting as many influencers as possible. Because of the super congested platform, they may fail to provide the services and features that they promised. One of the digital influencers with more than 50,000 subscribers claimed that he doesn’t feel like the network is valuing him. Customer support is also relatively poor.


·         The Contract- The contract is one of the drawbacks we can see when joining a Multi Channel Network. Perhaps it is because you have to stay with their network from 18 months to 5 years, depending on your contract. This will keep you locked with the particular network even if they no longer serve the channel. The arrangement is basically designed to protect their network, but you also need to make sure that it also protects you. Try negotiating for the things that you want. Ask if it is possible to undergo a trial period or a shorter contract term.

 YouTube Multi Channel Network

Here is a shortlist of the YouTube Multi Channel Network that we are currently aware of. More MCNs will come up in the future, so make sure to inform us if there is a network that we missed


Ø  TYT Network




Ø  Revision 3


Ø  PMC Studio


Ø  Maker Studios


§  Social Blade (part of RPM)


§  RPM


Ø  Machinima


Ø  Fullscreen


§  Creator X


Ø  Creator Republic


Ø  Blip Studios



Ø  Big Frame


Ø  Alloy Digital


If you are thinking about whether you should join the Multi Channel Network or not, make sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons that we stated to help you settle on a decision.

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