What is SMS Tracker Software?


SMS Tracker software presents a better and easier way to track or spy on text messages. You only need to choose the tracker application that is designed for your OS (Android or iOS), install it on your phone, and you can now monitor the messages on your kids or other family members. The data that is being monitored will be displayed in the interface of the tracker. Before you even think that this is a sort of invasion of privacy, you need to know that SMS can be dangerous and abused by some. A tracking program will allow you to monitor your child's text, whether they are skipping school, driving while texting, and other habits that you may not be aware of.


What Are the Benefits of SMS Tracker Software?


Tracking program

The SMS Tracker Software grants you the ability to monitor the dangers of texting closely. Most of the program gives you a live interface wherein you can be connected online and watch the messages in real-time. This lets you know whether they are texting while driving, exposing them to risks such as road accidents. The data is stored securely in your account, which the account owner can only view and access.


What Are the Features of SMS Tracker Software?


 SMS Tracker Software

SMS Tracker Software also lets you access your account no matter where you might be, allowing you to monitor your kids' activity even if you are in a distant location. The data and information can be exported through CSV. Here are the other features of SMS Spy Software.


·         Call Log Feature- Outgoing and Incoming numbers are recorded, the time the calls are initiated, and the length of the conversation. In today's world, where dangers are present everywhere, it is extremely important to monitor the call activity of your kids.


·          SMS Message-All text messages are recorded and stored in the control panel of SMS Tracker Software even if the person being monitored deleted the message on their inbox. Kids who are being bullied or going through depression will not always reach out or divulge the information to their parents. By tracking, you will understand what they are going through.



·         Web Activity features- The website URL that your children are visiting is also recorded in the system.


·         Photo- Images captured through their camera are also saved in the system. Photos can be viewed on your desktop computer.


How does SMS Tracking Software Works?

 SMS Tracker Software

While others may find it complicated, the entire process of the SMS Tracker software is fairly basic. They only need to agree to the terms and agreements before they can install it on their phone. They should have the right consent to monitor the phone activity of a distinct person. The phone activity of the number being monitored is kept and saved into the account of the SMS Tracking software. The owner of that account can log into any platform and access the data online.


SMS Tracker software is not a form of breach of privacy; it is a way to ensure that your child is honest with you. It also allows you to have a better judgment and indicate when to take any action to prevent any damage from occurring. Nonetheless, it is best to listen to your kids' input regarding this matter while carefully explaining your side.

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