Top Places to Visit in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is known for its excellent red wines and fine steaks. The plenty of places to visit in Buenos Aires will surely make you fully occupied during your vacation in this city. You will have different opportunities to explore the museum, historic sites, weekend markets, plazas, and fantastic dining establishments. Once you’re tired from shopping and exploring the city, have a relaxing time while having a taste of the cafĂ© con Leche.


Best Places to Visit in Buenos Aires

For those looking for a list of places to visit in Buenos Aires, we created a list that covers the major tourist destination you need to explore.


Recoleta Cemetery

 things to do in Buenos Aires

This place is not your ordinary cemetery; this is where the remains of the powerful, rich, and famous personalities in Denmark are laid. The stunning and elaborate mausoleum that filled the entire streets will mesmerize you. You may spend hours wandering around the cemetery and get lost in the maze of intricately designed burial places. One of the best places to visit in Buenos Aires would be the tomb of Eva Peron. Some people, especially first-time tourists, would find it hard to find her grave. Make sure to tag along with a tour group; this will make it easier for you to find the resting ground of some prominent personalities.



 things to do in Buenos Aires

The chic community of Palermo is situated in the northern section of Buenos Aires. This place is basically divided into three significant parts; Palermo Viejo, Palermo Chico, and Alto Palermo. The Alto Palermo is one of the places to visit in Buenos Aires if you want to visit urban parks and museums. Palermo Chicos is the home of the luxurious villas and mansions nestled at the back of the Museum of Latin American Art. On the other hand, Palermo Viejo is the perfect place to experience the life of the locals. Due to the collection of authentic restaurants and convenient public transportation, most tourists will agree that staying in this place is very comfortable.


Paseo Del Rosedal

 things to do in Buenos Aires

When you are just too tired of walking around the famed Avenue Libertador, you can relax by going to the Paseo del Rosedal. This is one of the most amazing things to do in Buenos Aires, which houses at least 1,000 rose species. This place has a charm that is quite similar to Paris Tuileries. The extensive garden is divided into smaller sections that make it more accessible.


Puerto Madero

 things to do in Buenos Aires

When the tourists are taking a stroll, especially during the evening, one of the places to visit in Buenos Aires would be Puerto Madero. The dazzling lights that illuminate the entire port add beauty to the city. This place was originally a primate destination of trade in Europe. The variety of local cuisine offered in this location invites different visitors from all over the world.


Buenos Aires is a city known for its enthralling landscape and beautiful structures. This allows you to enjoy the different things to do in Buenos Aires and have a memorable experience.


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