Tips in Choosing Residential Pressure Washing Service


For those planning to sell their house, we advise you to take a good look at the exterior part of your home first. Most of the time, you will notice that the past weather conditions bring layers of dirt. Your garage may also be filled with oils, and perhaps the dried leaves are clogging your gutter. During these instances, hiring the service of the Residential Pressure Washing Service can make your house more desirable in the eyes of potential buyers.


Essential Tips When Hiring a Residential Pressure Washing Company


Residential Pressure Washing

While it may be true that you can purchase inexpensive equipment for power washing, leaving it in the hands of the professional is still your best option. Using the equipment improperly can result in injury. Accidents usually happen due to a lack of knowledge and expertise in using the machine. In addition, improper usage of the equipment may also compromise the condition of your property. It may lead to broken windows, scared wood, and dent in the concrete. Chemical cleaning solutions are also being used to expel the notorious dirt. Wrong use of the chemicals will not only damage your house painting but can also compromise your safety.


Ask the Right Questions

 Residential Pressure Washing

Asking the crucial questions during the interview can give you an insight into the quality of service, expertise in this industry, the cost of hiring them, and the level of satisfaction of their previous clients. Their years of experience in the business should not be your main point of consideration. Seasoned companies will charge higher and provide a quality service, but that doesn’t mean that the recently established companies cannot offer that service. Ask them if they are properly insured. This will narrow your options.


Safety of their Service


You need to have comprehensive information about the line of services that they can provide. If the Residential Pressure Washing firm plans to use bleach, it is best to stay away from that company. The right cleaning company should use the safest alternative. There are cleaning solutions specially formulated for soft wash and low pressure. 


Their Expertise

 Pressure washing for driveways

There are various ways to determine the expertise of the Residential Pressure Washing Company. You may ask them how long it will take to complete the entire job. Normally, a 2000sq-ft house will only take 1-2 hours to complete. There are times that the job will take longer than that due to some complex issues, but if the company told you that it would take 6 hours to finish the job, simply thank them for their time and find a professional to complete the job.


Residential Pressure Washing Service is your best option in cleaning your car, driveway, and home. You will not only save money, but you will also save time. When it comes to your big investment, it is always essential to hire the service of the pro.


Complete Guide on Pressure Washing for Driveways

 Residential Pressure Washing

Take a look at your driveway and tell me what you see. Unless your driveway has recently been replaced, it is possible to be filled with a grease stain, dirt, and mildew. This is not only a frustrating image that will greet you every time you go home, but this may also damage your driveway. For those who have no idea how to conduct pressure washing for driveways on their own, it is still recommended to seek the help of professionals to prevent any injuries or damage to your properties.


Definition of Pressure Washing

 Residential Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, which is sometimes referred to as power washing, is your best option to remove discoloration, stains, debris, and dirt from the surface of your house. A simple pressure washer can simply be attached to the garden hose, which will boost the water pressure once it leaves the equipment. Pressure washing equipment may use electricity or gas as its source of power. For the more notorious grime and dirt, especially in our driveways, higher pressure is recommended to expel tough dirt.


It is essential to understand the difference between the electric and gas-powered equipment designed for pressure washing for driveways. The electric type can generate 1300-1900 psi. A gas-powered washer can produce higher pressure. On average, they can generate approximately 2000-3100 psi. Pieces of equipment used by the pros are normally used for commercial purposes, which produce a much-elevated level of pressure. Those who plan to use the gas-powered washer on their own should be careful in using the pressure washer on the soft materials since the pressure it releases is enough to splinter a wood.


Preparing the Driveways for Pressure Washing

 Pressure washing for driveways

Pressure washing for driveways is a complex process. If you do not know how to use the pressure washer, it is much safer to seek the help of a professional. Before starting with the pressure washing, you need to clear out the loose debris in your driveways. Start by removing the children’s toys and furniture since they can lead to accidents. If your driveway is close to a wall or door, protect them with a tarp to prevent damage. After successfully clearing the things in the driveway, use a broom to sweep the stones and dirt that you missed. On the off chance that there is severe damage in your driveway, it is recommended to hire the service of a repair company before starting with your pressure washing. Finally, apply a degreaser before spraying the cleaning solution and scrubbing the surface using a brush broom.


Pressure washing for driveways should be done at least once a year to prevent weather and wearing damage. This will help you avoid costly repairs that may cost more than $1,600. If you are planning to sell your house, it is recommended to clean the driveway first.

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