Things to Know About Fundraising Tent Rentals Events


When you are holding a fundraising event, it is very important to consider whether you will need a tent during the early planning stage. When looking at the fundraising tent rentals events, you may want to consider the price, weather, and whether it can help you fulfill your goal. After that, you need to be aware of the various process related to tent rentals. Here are some of them.


Choosing Your Ideal Tent


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The first factor you need to consider when choosing your tent should be the size. There is a simpler way to determine the apt size of your tent. You need to predict the number of your guest and whether you will be placing a round table on your fundraising tent rentals events. Eight guests will commonly require a 100sqft for the round table, but if you choose a rectangular table, eight guests will need 80 sqft. Divide the total number of your guests to 8 guests multiplied by the area covered depending on the type of table.


However, the size of your ideal tent will not end on your guest and the table; you also need to factor in the size of the buffet table and the stage. The easiest way to determine the size of your fundraising tent rentals events is to add 100sqft for the buffet table and 400sqft for the stage. For instance, you computed a total of 3,300; this means that you will need a 60x60 square tent. You may use the extra 300sqft for anything you like. Those who have narrow space can choose a 90x40 long tent.


Set It Up

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In a normal arrangement, the rental company will be responsible for setting up your fundraising tent rentals events. On the other hand, the chairs and tables will be arranged by the catering company. Nonetheless, those with a pretty tight budget will consider setting up their tent. You will need to plan where you will place the tables and chairs. This planning will be easier to execute when using graph paper, making it simpler to scale the area.


The tables and chairs can be easily arranged with the help of your colleagues. Still, if you never experienced setting up a tent before, you need to seek professional help for the perfect installation. Remember that a professional company will take 4 hours to set up your fundraising tent rentals events. How long do you think it will take someone who lacks experience installing it?


The Add Ons

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Most of the feature of the fundraising tent rentals event comes with add ons that is not included in the basic package of tent rentals. Sidewalls, floorings, lightings, tent liners are just some of the things that can highlight your event.


For those looking for a comprehensive solution for their fundraising tent event, this article may serve as your guide. However, you still need the assistance of a professional in providing efficient and reliable service.


Complete Guide on Corporate Event Tent Rentals


With flexibility and a range of features, tents can highlight the ambiance of various corporate events. Whether it is a product launching, banquet, advertising campaign, or business exhibition, expect that tents can serve their purpose well. However, make sure that the corporate event tent rentals near me that you will choose will execute a reliable and guaranteed service to make the most out of your company event. Here are the aspects that you need to consider before renting a tent for the corporate  event.


The Location

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Make sure to check out the location of your event first before you seek the help of the corporate event tent rentals near me. The type of tent that you will need to set up during an event will highly depend upon the location. You may choose to rent a pole tent if you are setting it up on a non-concrete and flat surface. Though pole tent is the least expensive type, it is less stable, so you need to ensure that the place is safe from powerful winds. If the location is steep or rocky, your tent will probably require flooring or a platform.


The Weather

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If the weatherman says that it will rain on the date of your corporate event, you may want to consider a tent with steep roofing that will allow the water to flow thoroughly. Make sure to create an arrangement on the corporate event tent rentals near me when setting up the tent. They need to set it up ahead of your event to ensure that the floorings will stay dry. Be sure to consider the strength of the wind, and the company should also guarantee that the tent will have the capacity to withstand strong winds.


Create a Contingency Plan


When renting a tent from the corporate event tent rentals, you need to create a backup plan, especially during extreme weather conditions. If you have the budget, find a stand-by indoor location. Ask the rental company if they are providing a cancellation policy. However, remember that you will not be able to receive your entire payment once you cancel your rental.


Check the Reviews

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When you are hiring the service of corporate event tent rentals near me, you need to find out what people are saying about your supplier. An authentic review will consist of conflicting feedback but stick with the overall review. When a supplier commonly receives positive reviews, highly consider that rental company. The large rental companies that have been in the industry for years will be great possible suppliers. The new and small suppliers will provide better deals.


Finally, it would be best to choose reliable and trustworthy corporate event tent rentals near me. Look for someone highly committed to satisfying their customers with a professional, expert, and efficient service by providing them with a tent that will address their needs.

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