The Truth About Dating and Pets


Dating has become so much easier today. There are dating apps that you can install on your smartphone that can help you find a potential partner within minutes. However, the dating process can become more complex if you are a pet lover. Some people will think that dating a dog lover is the best thing, while others believe that dating and pets should never be mixed.


Dating and Pets: Dating Tips for the Pet Lovers


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According to the latest numbers, at least 2/3 of the homeowners in the United States have their pets. This means that the pet population is higher than the population of children under 18 years old. While you may find it difficult to find someone who will love both you and your dog, the statistics show that they are just there, waiting to be discovered. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy dating and pets.


Be Proactive

 Dating and Pets

You consider your pet part of your regular life and hope that you will find someone who shares the same value. Make sure that you will allow yourself to meet people with the same passion for the animals by going to an environment where you can find them. You may walk your dog every day at the dog park, or you may volunteer at a pet organization to find these people. This means that you will be able to address your dating and pets need. There are also online dating sites that are specifically geared towards pet lovers.


Remain Considerate


Even on the off chance that the person you are dating is a pet lover, it does not necessarily imply that he can instantly embrace your pet and combine dating and pets. When inviting your date to your house, make sure it is free from pet hair. Clear your litter box and ensure that it does not emanate an annoying stench. Before he arrives, you should take your dog for an intense play session to deplete his energy so he won’t bother your date. 


Be Patient

 Dating and Pets

After establishing the connection between dating and pets, you may want to set them up for a brief meet and greet. You need to choose a neutral meeting place, especially if your partner also has his dog. Remain calm and allow things to flow naturally. If your pet is a cat, the possible site of the introduction would be your home. Allow your cat to set the pace; if it appears to be shy, never introduce the cat forcefully with your date.


You should always remind your dating partner that you have pets, and you need to know how they feel about it. If you learn that they hate dogs or if they have dog allergies, there is no need to form a relationship with someone who doesn’t share the same passion towards your pet. You will find a balance on your dating and pets if you look for your potential dating partner on animal organizations, dog parks, and pet shows.  

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