Signs that You Are Not the Marrying Type


Knowing if someone is prepared to settle down can be a tricky subject. In most cases, a man will prefer going on a night filled with drinking, meeting many people, and having make-out sessions while on the dance floor. Most women nowadays prefer to marry later in their life since they prioritize their education and career. These things are no longer unusual. What is quite unique is the increasing number of singles who prefer never to get married. According to the latest statistics, the number of individuals who are not the marrying type is steadily increasing while the number of weddings has fallen by more than 30%.


How To Tell If You're Not the Marrying Type



If you've been dating for a while now and you are not yet fixated on imagining the future with your partner, you are probably thinking if you are just waiting for that perfect time or you are not the marrying type. Here are some possible signs that will tell if you are the marrying kind or not.


Your Parents Are Legally Separated

 Not the Marrying Type

75% of the population came from broken families. While you may think that this is alarming, this should not be a cause of panic, and you should not instantly assume that they are not the marrying type. A large percentage of them will exceed the intelligence of their parent and will aim for a successful marriage. Unfortunately, a considerable number of individuals who come from broken families will be scared to form a family of their own.




You are probably not the marrying type if you prioritize your career and hobby over your relationship. In most cases, these people will be surprised by how fast life passes by. They will wake up one day and realize that they have thinning hair, wrinkles, and fine lines, and they do not have kids who will keep them busy during Saturday nights. You are probably someone who has a whole list of goals you want to achieve within this lifetime, and there is no space left for marriage. The career-oriented individuals are aware that they can meet someone perfect for them but will not allow them to get in their way to success.


Your Prefer Bromance

 Not the Marrying Type

If you prefer to play beer-pong, bowling, or sit in front of the TV while yelling at the coach and athletes who will never hear you, then you are probably not the marrying type. The extreme desire to hang out with your boys is pretty normal for boys. However, this is not something that a man wants to do all the time. You probably have a ' man-boy syndrome' if you can't date your girlfriend without inviting your peers. Perhaps you don't yet have the level of maturity to detach yourself from your favorite video games.


If you are not the marrying type, nothing is wrong with it. Some people will try to picture themselves in a wedding situation, but they just can't. They also do not see the point of getting married. If you see yourself in the traits we mentioned above; you are probably not the marrying kind.

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