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Signage is undoubtedly one of the greatest marketing materials used by a business. It is less expensive than other forms of advertising, and it also functions 24/7 compared to newspaper, radio, or television advertisements. When you think about using banners as a form of advertising, the numbers below will help you realize the amazing effect of indoor/outdoor signage.


The Capacity to Bring Customers


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When random people were asked how they knew about a certain company, statistics show that signage is still the most prevalent type of advertisement. 50% of the customers said that they could see its promotional products. 33% of the participants said they based it on word of mouth marketing. 9% prefer traditional newspaper advertisement. Yellow pages have 6% scores, higher than television with only 1% same with the attention that radio advertisement received. An established study also tells that signs will help you promote your start-up business. According to the survey, 35% of the possible consumers will not be aware of your business if you do not have existing posters.


Increase the Business' Sales Revenue

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It also shows that by changing or adding pull-up banners in your business, your business's sales can massively increase. A monument sign can improve the sale by up to 9.3%. Large pole signs measure at approximately 144sq.ft. will enhance your profit by about 15.6%. Identity sign, a very common signage for fast food, will increase your sale by at least 7.7%. Directional signs that can help the consumer find the product they want to buy can also add 8.9% in your profit and wall illuminated signs can contribute as much as 7.7% to your store's profit.


What It Can Do For You


Signage can do a lot of things for you. One of the most important things is that it improves the recall of the consumer on your business. In recent research, around 85% of your loyal customer resides within a 5-mile radius. They would have to pass at least 60 times per month on your signage, ultimately improving their recall of your business.


It can also promote impulsive buying. 17% of the walk-in buyers of Best Buy initiated a purchase after seeing their stickers. It is not only evident on Best Buy; consumers who stop to conduct impulsive buying are also prevalent in a restaurant with 15%, convenient stores with 40%, and supermarkets with 20%.



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Posters or signage will cost a mere $0.02 per thousand people viewing the ads. This is significantly less costly than the newspaper, which only has the potential to reach 53% of the population and will cost $2.81/ thousand of view and television that costs $9.81 for every thousands of views, which will only contact 14% of the consumers.


As you can see, there are many studies attesting to the effectiveness and usefulness of the signage, which will make them a good addition to your business.


The Use and Benefits of Signage on your Business

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If you are on your way to starting your dream business, one essential part of the planning process would be to focus on signage. Having significant, attractive, and creative banners can make your company stand out from the rest. According to the experts, it is highly likely for the customer to purchase on the company they are familiar with, and Indoor/Outdoor signage can help you with that. Here are the essential benefits of having promotional products such as posters.



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Vehicle graphics act as a mute salesperson for the company. Pull-up banners can draw the customer's attention to your establishment and bring a certain uniqueness to it. Illuminated signs inside the business can help your customer find the things they need when shopping. Point of sale display can highlight the product and prompt the customer to make impulsive buying. These signs will serve as the connection of your business to the consumers.




Any event signage is a crucial part of your company's marketing strategy. Incorporating your company's logo on the sticker will help your company branding. These corflute signs are not only limited to attracting the interest of the consumers, it is a great way for advertisement and for delivering the message that you want to convey to your targeted audience. Since you will have your signage visible 24 hours of the day, the impact of the acrylic signs will be continuous.




For those planning to open a business but with a limited budget for their marketing strategy, signage would be a cost-efficient marketing solution. Based on the average cost of the banners (per thousand), indoor/outdoor signage is more affordable than other forms of advertisement such as radio, newspaper, or television.



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Different types of signage can address your different promotional needs. You can mount it on the ground or a building. The ground type has many sizes and shapes and is most effective when mounted on a road where many motor drivers can see it. The building type is typically seen on the business establishment, which is essential for high foot traffic areas.


Promotional products can also be crucial when using them off the premises. A properly placed signage can convey information to the motorist. Magnetic signs and vehicle graphics are also fun ways to promote your business using vehicles. It will not only promote your business but may also improve the recall of your business. The more they become familiar with your business, the more they will be lured to purchase your product.




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