Shocking Secrets Hidden in Disney Film


We all loved Disney movies when we were kids. They help us create a memorable childhood experience, and the magic stays with us even if we grow old. Even adults are ready to take out their old Disney films on their collection to reminisce their childhood days. But if you think you know everything there is to know about your favorite Disney film, you will be shocked that there are details that you can easily miss. Here are some of them.


Remy and Dug’s Connection


Disney Easter Egg

We are all aware that Remy is the tiny and brave rat in the film ‘Ratatouille’ and Dug is the adorable dog from the Disney movie ‘Up.’ However, there was an instance that the shadow of Dug appeared in the film of Remy, which made us think if there is a certain connection with the two beloved characters. It is just exciting to think that Remy and Dug are roomies and sharing crazy adventures together. We all know that Disney has a tendency to surprise its viewers, and for all we know, they are already planning to bring these two together.


Sid in Toy Story 3

 Disney Easter Egg

No one can forget that awful child with a sad childhood in the first Toy Story movie. Sid is the little boy who will collect toys to dismember them and create a scary figure. However, not most of us are aware that Sid also made a cameo role on the third installment of the popular movie series. This gives the viewer insight into the adult life of Sid. Based on the movie, Sid apparently ended up as a garbage collector.


Who Killed Scar? Hercules Did.

 Disney Easter Egg

If you are wondering, the Scar we are talking about is the same Scar that appeared as a villain in one of the biggest Disney films, The Lion King. In the movie Hercules, the main lead killed Scar and threw the head on Phil’s feet. This was in connection with the part where Hercules is trying to prove to the world and the Gods of Olympus that he is a hero.

Han’s Cameo in Big Hero 6

 Disney Easter Egg

We all know about Hans, who is the main villain of the film Frozen and wants to rule the land of the Southern Isles. But not most of us have seen his cameo role in the movie Big Hero 6. This comes as a surprise since, judging from the culture of San Fransokyo, they are nowhere near the land of Elsa and Anna. It is so surprising to see him in a wanted poster. Why would the police look for a criminal not even in close proximity to the island?


There are so many Easter eggs that you can spot on several Disney films. For instance, do you know that Kermit the frog appeared in the movie The Little Mermaid or that Carl and Ellie (from UP) sent a postcard to Andy (Toy Story 3)? Perhaps the next time you watch a Disney film, you might want to keep your eyes open with these shocking surprises.

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