Safety Tips When Shopping on Online Store


There are many reasons why most people choose online store; the return policy is easy, secure shopping process, a wide selection of products available at a discounted rate. The convenience when you shop online is something that you will not get on a brick-and-mortar store. However, we also know that any online activity can be exposed to security threats such as phishing and hacking activity. Phishing attacks aim to extract sensitive information from the user.


Stay Safe When Shopping on Online Store


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While the online threats mentioned above may be alarming, you need to take a breath and stay calm; it should not discourage you from shopping online. By paying attention to our practical advice combined with your common sense, you will be able to shop with confidence online.


Protect Your System


If you think the hackers will wait for the data to be delivered to them when shopping on online store, you need to think again. There are times that they will inject malware on your system, so you need to refrain from downloading on unreliable sites. Make sure that you choose an antivirus to protect you against information theft. There are also free internet securities that can keep you safe online.


Check Your Account Statement Regularly

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When you shop online using your credit card, you should never wait for the end of the cycle to analyze your billing statement. You need to check your electronic statement regularly and examine if there are activities that you don’t recognize. You should also pay attention to the charges originating from online payment systems such as PayPal. If you notice that something is wrong, contact your credit card agency and address this matter immediately. Make sure that you will only pay your bill when you recognize your purchase on the online store. You have at least 30 days to notify your agent about any discrepancy.



Avoid Giving Sensitive Information


An online store will never ask for your birthday or SSN (Social Security Number) before you can shop online. If these online criminals get a hold of your sensitive information, they can cause severe damage to your financial standing. The more information you provide to them, the easier it would be to crack and access your account. If possible, always choose the default mode and provide them with the least amount of information.


Shop Only on Ecommerce Store That You Trust

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Ensure that you will shop only on online store you can trust, such as Amazon, Target, Bargain Brute, and Home Depot. Some people choose to shop online on an eCommerce store that has a retail store. Make sure that you are accessing the right site and that they are using a top-level domain. If the deals look too enticing, you need to think twice since this is how attackers can trick you and extract your information.


Finally, we discourage you from using public terminals when shopping online. If you are using a public terminal, make sure that you log out of your account first. This will make your shopping experience safer and more secure.


5 Best Online Payment Methods on Online Store


This article will guide you to the best online payment system in the market. Most of the names on the list have been accessible to different online stores since the earlier years. Still, they are starting to penetrate various areas of online payment systems such as online card systems and social commerce. This makes the process of paying for goods relatively easy. With multiple options available online, how can you determine the best choice for your business? Today, initiating a purchase or acquiring service over the internet is a regular thing. The ability to penetrate the different markets in the world without making a significant amount of investment is one of the considerable benefits of the internet. Thanks to online payment methods, payment on online store can now be conducted safely and efficiently.


Google Checkout


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Google Checkout is starting to create a buzz. It is expected to rival the most extensive online payment system - PayPal. This platform makes it possible for the user to pay for the product service by using an account associated with the Google Profile. Millions of users are utilizing different services of Google. This can make your purchase a relatively straightforward process. The charges may start from $0.30+2.9% for the sales transaction that is lower than $3,000. The commission they take is contingent upon the sales volume per month.


Amazon Payment


This system allows users to send money using ACH and receive money through the API. Different Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter prefer to use Amazon Payment. The fee starts at $0.30+2.9% for each transaction, which is more than $10. The fee for payment on online store that is below $10 is $0.05+5.0%.



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PayPal is unquestionably the leading online payment method. Payments can be completed using a credit card or the existing account through this channel. PayPal also gives the user the ability to send money aside from receiving money. You can send your money directly through your e-mail address. This prompted the different users to sign-up for a PayPal account. Like the two online payment methods mentioned, PayPal also charges the same transaction fee on online store but no predetermined monthly fee.




This is another widely used online payment method. It is widely preferred by more than 300,000 merchants in different parts of the globe. It is mainly chosen by e-commerce sites such as X-Cart, Magento and Volusion. Transaction fee of is only $0.10, but they require $99 for the set-up and #20 for the monthly charges.



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Dwolla is one of the biggest rivals of PayPal. This online payment system is relatively new in this field, but they already process at least $1 million every day. Setting up an account on Dwolla is just the same as setting up a papal account. For transactions that are less than $10, no fees will be collected by Dwolla. Those transactions that are more than $10 will be charged $0.25.


There you have it, 5 of the best online payment methods offer the most reasonable fee and secure platform when shopping on an online store.


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