Overview of Cannabis Jobs

A lot of people are interested in working in the medical marijuana industry. Unfortunately, most of them lack the knowledge on how they can penetrate the industry. Two of the most sought after medical marijuana jobs would be Cannabis Sales Representative and Master growers. Cannabis Sales Representatives are responsible for disbursing the legally propagated and processed marijuana. They are known as salespeople equipped with the required regulatory knowledge and experience to encourage the dispensaries to purchase the product. Master Growers are responsible in propagating the plants to commercial level. They are tasked to prevent and damages and ensure the plant will be of high-quality.


Qualifications of the Cannabis Sales Representative


Cannabis Jobs

The Sales Rep in the Cannabis Industry is responsible for carrying the brand name when visiting various dispensaries. They serve as the bridge between the professional growers and the dispensaries. They are also in charge of coordinating the deals between the production company and the dispensaries. Sometimes they may also serve as the ambassadors of the product who are required to make product demonstrations to increase brand awareness. Individuals working in medical marijuana jobs are also expected to assist the patients in choosing the appropriate products that will address their needs.


Responsibilities And Skills of Cannabis Sales Representative

 medical marijuana jobs

Cannabis Sales Representative should assist their company in generating the leads, which will potentially increase their conversion rate and develop their business through their partner and client interaction. The principal responsibilities include marketing and administration support. Typically, they should have the necessary skills to handle a high amount of outbound or inbound telephone calls from or to prospective customers. They can either assist them in determining the decision-makers in this industry. The cannabis jobs have a long list of responsibilities that also require specific skills sets, such as.


·         The ability to manage the entire process related to sales like Follow-up, Preparation, DEMO and Sales Research in a specific area or region


·         The capacity to forge lasting relationships and educate the clients about anything related to the cannabis industry


·         Willingness to participate in the development and implementation of the rules, procedures, policies and regulations of the cannabis jobs.


·         Strong sales representative skills

 medical marijuana jobs

Some companies are also looking for a particular set of skills to ensure that you can complete the medical marijuana jobs with ease.


·         You need to be motivated and willing to travel within a specific territory. As we mentioned above, sales representatives are liable in meeting with various dispensaries to build a relationship.


·         If you want to be hired on the medical marijuana jobs, you need to cultivate a strong relationship with their top accounts.


·         You need to be tech-savvy; some companies work on e-mail, mobile apps and CRM when interacting with potential customers and clients.


·         You also need to have comprehensive knowledge about cannabis and the product to help the clients find the right product for their needs.


Just like the other cannabis jobs, most companies will require that you should have at least six months of experience in the industry or sales. You should also have an understanding of digital marketing.


An Overview of Medical Marijuana Jobs:  Cannabis Master Grower

 Cannabis Jobs

Perhaps one of the most preferred cannabis jobs would be Cannabis Master Grower. They are tasked to cultivate marijuana plants which will then be sold to the clients. There is great demand for pro grow masters in the industry. Their average income is around $100,000 annually, based on Forbes.com. It requires specific skill sets such as profound knowledge in cultivating the plants and preventing damages.


Qualifications of Cannabis Master Grower

 medical marijuana jobs

The cannabis industry is looking for Master Growers who have a degree in Botany or Horticulture and professional experience in greenhouses that produce food or flower. With the combined professional experience and educational degree, the prospected candidate will have a profound understanding of the cannabis facilities. In most cases, you will also need to have comprehensive knowledge about a specific type of cannabis to be considered for medical marijuana jobs.


Knowledge on Cannabis Plant

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The potential candidate for the cannabis jobs is someone with a background in Botany and Horticulture. They must have experience working in indoor or commercial greenhouses. Even so, it is still necessary to learn specific skills and knowledge about the cannabis plant. The conventional process of growing flowering and food plants will provide you with a foundation; however, growing cannabis requires specific requirements to flourish. Some of the knowledge and skills you have to learn include:


·         Growth medium and methods


·         The specific humidity and average temperature


·         The ideal condition for growing


·         The proper way to enrich the CO2


·         Plant feeding schedule and the required nutrients


·         The particular light cycle that the cannabis plant will need




Cannabis Master Grower who has no educational background and professional experience will need to have profound knowledge about the cannabis plant and anything that affects its growth such as pest, mildew and mold prevention and fundamental knowledge to encourage plant propagation. Learning about the particular elements that may influence cannabis will increase your chances of landing on your dream cannabis jobs.


The Commitment

 Cannabis Jobs

While some companies will look at your work experience and educational background, the most critical factor in being a Master Grower is to accept the laborious and tedious process of growing cannabis. You need to place the utmost importance on the cleanliness of your environment and specific skills related to the medical marijuana jobs that will allow you to properly manage the growth cycle of the cannabis plant and the people you are working with.


Skills Necessary

 Cannabis Jobs

An educational degree in Botany or Horticulture will provide you with essential skills that you will need to propagate cannabis on a commercial scale. Without this experience, you can increase the chance of getting hired in the medical marijuana jobs by learning your managerial and cannabis cultivation skills. Your management skills, the proper way of cultivating cannabis to commercial scale and the capacity to systematize the propagation are all necessary for the prospected Cannabis Master Grower. Ensure that you have all these skill sets if you want to be a professional Master Grower.



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