Never Become a Relationship Doormat


Some women will find it hard to distinguish the difference between kindness and letting others take advantage of their kindness. These people will have trouble saying 'no' to the people they love. They will permit other people to manipulate and abuse them. Relationship Doormat is an issue that we often encounter in a romantic relationship.


Understanding Relationship Doormat



The 'doormats' are known to be people-pleasers; they are concerned about what other people think about them. They aim to make the people around them happy, which will result in a very miserable life. Relationship Doormat does not want to see the people they love stressed or upset. In most cases, they are ready to carry this burden. They will do this even if they are not appreciated or poorly compensated.


Your Partner is Lazy in Treating You

 Relationship Doormat

It may be true that if you are in a romantic relationship, you should not expect to be appreciated every time that you will get them a pack of cigarettes when you are on a road trip. There are also instances when they will ask you to cover the meal expenses on some of your dates, which is completely fine. However, it does not necessarily mean that you have to cover for someone who won't be able to cover themselves forever. If you notice that your partner has become lazy in treating you, you are becoming a Relationship Doormat.


Being Busy Should Never Be an Excuse


If they occasionally leave without contacting you, this is a clear sign of a Relationship Doormat. Think about it; sending you a text message while they are sitting in the toilet bowl will never be difficult. If someone chooses to be in a relationship, they should not have the habit of forgetting everyone but themselves. You need to make sure that you stay connected despite the distance. If not, then you are not included in your partner's priorities. There is absolutely no excuse why they won't have 30 seconds of their day to devote to texting you.


They Feel Too Comfortable

 Relationship Doormat

There are times that your partner will reach a level of comfort that they feel that there is no point in dancing with you or preparing a date to please you. Everything becomes too 'usual,' you are doing the usual sex, ordering the typical food, and finishing everything during the expected time. Special activities should not be done to impress you, but it is to make you happy. They should be willing to do selfless acts to make you feel satisfied and happy. Being in a marriage for 30years should not be an excuse to become a Relationship Doormat.


When you allow yourself to become a Relationship Doormat, it will lead to negative consequences such as resentment. If you feel like you are being taken for granted, you will develop resentment towards your partner. If you don't find a solution to this issue, it will eventually lead to depression and anxiety.


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