Meditation for Positive Thinking and Health


Our subconscious mind can be compared to a cabinet that can store different information, visual images, habits, and experiences from the day you were born up to the present. This is a part of the brain which cannot be easily accessed since we are constantly utilizing our active or conscious mind. This is also where we register our habits, beliefs and behaviour. Our conscious mind creates decisions based on the data stored in our subconscious mind. This means that negative thoughts, experiences, and habits can adversely impact our lives. Fortunately, through meditation for positive thinking and health, you will be able to rewire your brain and pay attention to positive affirmations.


Guided Meditation for Positive Thinking and Health

positive affirmations

Here are some effective techniques that we can utilize to rewire our subconscious mind.


Positive Affirmations


Through positive affirmation, we will be able to rewire our minds using repeated and positive statements, which will override the negative patterns of belief that have been registered in our subconscious minds. With a regular suggested reiteration, you will be able to inject new thoughts and attitudes and access our subconscious mind. It will also instruct our idle minds to act based on positive affirmations. 




Visualization is another meditation for positive thinking and health that will help us be more positive. For anyone who wants to picture out their success, this is a methodology that will give you a detailed picture of your desired result. This technique is commonly used by innovators planning to create products that will lead to society’s development.




Hypnosisis a supported treatment that allows our brain to go into an alpha state. This will help us attain a state of tremendous relaxation, making it easier for us to gain immediate access to our subconscious level. During this occasion, our active mind is in a state of trance that will permit us to rewire our brain and accept new beliefs and thoughts.


Subliminal Videos and Audios

 positive affirmations

Listening or watching subliminal videos and audio can be beneficial to our brain even when sleeping. While our active or conscious mind is watching the video or listening to the audio, our subconscious mind will be able to translate the hidden messages injected inside the audio. When using this type of meditation for positive thinking and health, avoid doing this while you are awake; your active brain can prevent the information from registering on your idle mind.


These are some techniques that can help us be more positive. Through these meditation for positive thinking and health, you will be able to rewire your brain while removing the negative beliefs, experiences, and habits stored in your subconscious level. You will be able to have the power to control your belief patterns and create better decisions that may lead to a more fruitful life. Today, experts use alternative treatments to cure psychological disorders, phobia, depression, and anxiety disorders.


Meditation for Your Health and Fitness

 Meditation for Positive Thinking

Most of us are aware of how we can benefit mentally through meditation for positive thinking and health. We also understand the advantages that we can reap with cardiovascular exercise. But is there a way to put these two things together? Will we be able to amplify the result when we include Zen training with our daily workout? Let us all find out. Incorporating meditation with daily exercise can still be considered a new concept. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be lifting heavy weights after you are done with your zoning. Instead, it implies that meditating purposefully will help increase our metabolism, enhance brain activity and control our blood pressure. This approach can also help you achieve your desired weight and shape faster and amplify the result. Here’s how you can do it.


Breathing Method

 positive affirmations

Try to imitate Meditation breathing while doing your daily exercise routine. It should be deep and slow breathing. You will need to breathe deep using your nose and exhales with your mouth. You might find it challenging to do this during your first try, but once you do, you will be enhancing the concentration of your mind and relaxing the muscle. Towards the end of the activity, it may be difficult for you to keep on with the same breathing pattern, so make sure to start your workout with this before you start panting.




When you are working out, ensure that you will be focused. Try not to think about your work in the office or other activities after your workout. You need to maintain your presence of mind to your current goal at that moment; put everything aside first. The breathing method will help you a lot in being focused. Similar to other meditation for positive thinking and health, it is challenging to do this at first, but you will get used to it.


Adopting a Mantra

 Meditation for Positive Thinking

Regardless of whether you are shifting from a different mantra depending on your workout or maintaining a consistent mantra, you will have to remind yourself of your original purpose. Clearly define your goals, challenges and desires and find a way to achieve them. For instance, if you want a leaner and more robust muscle on the legs, you must focus and visualize your goals repeatedly. Create a specific phrase that you can repeat redundantly while doing your exercise. Incorporate your thought in your actions.


All in all, by mixing meditation for positive thinking and health with your daily exercise, you will be able to put your workout at a higher level. However, just like the things in life, we need to keep practicing since using them hand in hand can come as a challenge. Stick with the tips provided above to help you perfect the method of meditation and workout.


Types of Meditation for Spiritual Awakening


In today’s world, many individuals feel bored, disenchanted and disillusioned. More and more people are starting to question their life’s purpose and hope to follow a more spiritual path. For those longing for a fulfilling life or if you are not satisfied with your current life, a spiritual awakening coach will help you find your higher purpose. Meditation for spiritual awakening will not be an overwhelming process. Different types of meditation exist in this world, and as you practice them, the process will become natural, and you do not have to excessively focus on your breathing pattern. You will be able to reach a state of balance without exerting too much effort. The following techniques that the spiritual awakening coach commonly instruct will help you search for peace, universal love and improve empathy, concentration, and balance.




In a non-directive type of meditation for spiritual awakening, the main anchor should be chosen first. It should either be the meditation music or the breath pattern to help individuals improve their focus and achieve a calm mind. The experiences will flow freely, and the thoughts will be thoroughly explored. Channelling is usually done where ideas, visions and concepts will cross the mind unpredictably. In this type of meditation, we will remove all kinds of interference on our five senses where we can experience a non-reactive and non-judgmental moment.



 Meditation for Positive Thinking

Like a directive, the spiritual awakening coach will first choose the specific focus, whether it is a state of nothingness, object visualization, idea, concept, body part, mantra or breath. You will be prompted to focus on the anchor, and any different thoughts should be eliminated. Elimination of thought is done gradually; these will be slowly pushed away while bringing your focus back to the anchor. In this kind of meditation for spiritual awakening, practice is necessary. You need to keep practicing to maintain your attention to the anchor without any thoughts intruding on your meditation. This will help you to train your mind and enhance your concentration.


Creative Meditation

 Meditation for Positive Thinking

In this type of meditation, the spiritual awakening coach will instruct you to be creative while maintaining a calm mind and eliminating the distractions from your five senses. The meditation will commence with a healing meditation, followed by another type of meditation.



 positive affirmations

During contemplation, your mind will be allowed to think over a particular concept. However, your thoughts should not wander and move around. This will enable you to experience happiness and eliminate your suffering. Think about a specific idea and examine it thoroughly.


Other forms of meditation for spiritual awakening and meditation for positive thinking and health include sound meditation, Heart-centred, Chakra, Affirmation and Mantra and Zen meditation. Regardless of what type of meditation you will choose, remember that the primary purpose is to take you closer to unifying with creation.


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