Medical Negligence Compensation in Ireland


Medical negligence happens when medical personnel has failed in executing medical practices according to the accepted medical procedure in Ireland. In Ireland, there are a lot of acceptable methods in conducting a medical process. Performing differently than the standard and the other doctors do not automatically mean negligence. The case will often be determined whether the action taken was apt for a certain circumstance. In Ireland, medical negligence claims can only be valid if the medical personnel has conducted carelessness that resulted in injuries.


Medical Negligence Advice by Solicitors

Medical Negligence Compensation in Ireland

If you or someone you knew has suffered some injury due to what you think was considered medical negligence, you have to contact a solicitor to help you. You must contact the service of an experienced legal team when you are claiming your medical negligence compensation. They will be able to provide their opinions and advice on medical issues. Their long years of experience allow them to be well-versed in the legalities surrounding negligence.


What to Expect


Upon calling their service, you will be quickly assigned to a medical negligence solicitor who has vast experience dealing with similar cases. They will earnestly listen to your story, and the information you provide will be safeguarded. With the help of a legal team, they can instantly provide you with their advice on whether to pursue the case or not. They will also tell you if there is any possibility of winning the claim, the things involved when filing your claim, and the estimated time it will take to settle the case.


What Are Qualified as Negligence?

 Medical Negligence Compensation in Ireland

Anyone who experienced medical negligence associated with cancer specialists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, heart surgeons, psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, radiologists, emergency staff, opticians, physiotherapists, dentists, family doctors, etc. can file for a claim. 

Some medical negligence cases may include instances when the medical specialist failed to properly diagnose life-threatening illnesses and heart ailments, HIV, and cancer. Failure to diagnose mental illness, including the underlying risk and the right treatment, may also subject the medical specialist to a negligence claim. Any specialist should also refer the patient to the other specialist when necessary. The inability to perform the right surgical process that resulted in injury or death can also serve as a ground for a medical negligence case. Any delay or late diagnosis that may result in related injuries such as the brain and spinal cord may also give the patient the right to compensation.


So, if you think you have been a victim of medical negligence, seek the help of a solicitor to help you. They are well experienced in handling similar cases and settling with the company.


Increase on the Compensation Award

 Medical Negligence Compensation in Ireland

The level of injury compensation has risen due to the decision by the former government to increase the limit of the judicial award. The NCC (National Competitiveness Council) has recognized the effect of this decision to increase the grant limits given by the court on compensation claims in Ireland. Allan Shatter, a former minister of justice, has raised the boundary of the medical negligence compensation awarded by the district court from the low amount of €5,000 to €15,000. The Circuit court, on the other hand, was raised from €38,000 to a whopping €60,000.


The Change in the Personal Injury Compensation Amount

 Medical Negligence Compensation in Ireland

The target of these latest changes is to reduce the number of cases being tried on the higher courts and minimize the cost associated with the litigation of the personal injury claims. As we all know, there has been a significant increase in the number of people filing a claim for personal injury compensation claims in Ireland. 


Its Effect

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During its initial phase, Allan Shatter is doubtful about the inflationary impact of this change in personal injury cases, resulting in increased medical negligence compensation amounts. However, with the latest numbers on the cost of insurance, it seems that the changes that have been implemented are not only successful in reducing the legal expenses. It also managed to contribute to the inflation rate. Based on the report, the amount of insurance in Ireland has significantly increased amidst the implementation of this change. Since 2011, the overall value of the insurance industry registered a 29.6% increase, with motor insurance posting an impressive rise of 33.5% within the same specified period.


 legal opinion


The agencies claim that the rise in the compensation claims in Ireland and the changes in the legal cost is the determining factor of this increase. But the field of law highly objects to this scenario, saying that the legal charges have nothing to do with the cost of insurance. They also refused to recognize the information provided by the NCC, saying that the cost of lawyer fees has subsided during the period of recession. The NCC claimed that the incomplete amount of data made it challenging to calculate the effect of legal cost on the cost of insurance. They are hoping that the recently-established regulatory commission will provide more clear and transparent data.



More change has yet to come as the new judge on the legal cost is set to take over the old system to manage the disputes on legal expenses. The NCC is also pressuring the government on the reforms on medical negligence compensation claims in Ireland, stating that it is crucial to decrease the cost of legal charges and services. NCC believed that these small changes could create huge savings on court proceedings.

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