Knowing When to Get Rid of Clothes


Based on the latest study, at least 85% of the women have pieces of clothing inside their wardrobe that they never wear. These clothes remain dormant inside your wardrobe, hoping that they will be able to fulfill their original function one day. Unworn clothes take up a huge portion of space in your closet; you need to know when to get rid of clothes; otherwise, you might end up like Joan Cunnane, the shopaholic lady discovered dead under a pile of new and unworn clothes.


When to Get Rid of Clothes


why do we keep clothes we never wear

Most women asked on the survey claimed that they keep at least three sizes of clothes in their wardrobe, believing that their weight can fluctuate. The smallest size tends to be ‘dormant clothes’ since most women are hopeful that they will lose weight. Some women also use small clothes as their motivation to reduce weight. They believe that discarding them is tantamount to defeat. Some clothes also carry precious memories. These are some of the answers on why do we keep clothes we never wear. However, unless you are blessed with a large wardrobe, there will come a time when we have to clean out our closets. Here is a quick guide that will tell you that it’s time to get rid of your clothes.


You Always Try It On but You Never Wear Them

 When to Get Rid of Clothes

We all have clothes that we always try on, but we always end up with our favorite clothes. There is a possibility that you will never wear them when you are outside your room; there is just no use in hanging on to these clothes. These clothes are taking up some vulnerable spaces in your wardrobe. It is important to know when to get rid of clothes and use the area for clothes that you will actually wear.


It’s Not Trendy

 why do we keep clothes we never wear

We will buy a trendy item now and then, but that trend will not last forever. Remember those neon jeans that come with floral decoration that you want to wear every day? There is a chance that it is lying somewhere in your wardrobe right now and knowing when to get rid of clothes that are not trendy is important. If you are no longer wearing them, there’s no use in keeping these clothes. It is probably time to let go of these items. 


It Comes With Bad Memories

 When to Get Rid of Clothes

There are clothes that we cannot discard for some sentimental reason. However, if it comes with bad memories, it is time to discard those clothes along with the bad memories and move on. Discarding these clothes is a powerful and effective form of letting go. In addition, it will also force you to purchase new clothes without any memories. It’s like starting with a blank slate. For instance if you wear something during your court appearance which is associated with a bad memory, getting rid of clothes will help you let go of the negativities that come with it.


Finally, you should also know when to get rid of clothes to be confident and contented with your figure. It is just too silly to let a piece of dress dictate and pressure you on losing weight. Getting fit because you desire it is great but forcing yourself to lose pounds since there are 50 smaller dresses in your wardrobe doesn’t make sense.


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