Is Online Dating Life Considered Healthy?


Cyberspace has slowly integrated into almost all aspects of our lives, even our social and romantic relationships. Online Dating Life has received criticisms from doubters and skeptics who believe that they can't be compared to the relationship developed in waking life. However, before we decide to agree with the views of the so-called experts, let us first consider all the advantages and disadvantages of online relationships.


The Pros of Online Dating Life

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Young people, these days are developing and maintaining a relationship online. The increasing attention towards online dating is due to teens' safety. For instance, most parents believe that young adults today are no longer allowed to gather together in the park, streets, and parks due to security concerns. Most parents will only allow their kids to have a 'digital meet-up.' This virtual gathering that mostly happens on social media platforms has been steadily increasing as most teens today became natives of the digital realm. The recent pandemic accentuated the need to keep things in the cyber world.


Through cyber relationships, people will be able to present themselves more positively. Their 'impression management' that can be efficiently conducted online will turn into a vital motivator that the children require for social acceptance and self-esteem. However, specific issues and points need to be addressed at a certain period.


The Cons of Online Dating Life

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When a person is just communicating online, we tend to disregard the non-verbal form of communication. The way a person talks, laugh even the simple mannerism and hand gesture while speaking is essential. Some people will say that a cyber relationship is a perfect opportunity to fall in love without considering the physical aspect of your potential partner. However, there should still be some level of physical attraction that needs to be established before you decide to go into a serious relationship.


Knowing the personality of your prospected dating partner online is fine, but a face-to-face meeting should follow it to realize if you are attracted to each other. We have all heard the story about a person falling in love with someone they've never met, but their 'love' towards that person is just a product of their imagination. The pleasant exchange in a conversation conducted online is just feeding your fantasy. Since you do not see them in person, your mind creates an image of the person you desire.


You need to transform your online relationship into a real-life relationship. The sooner the reality is presented to us, the faster we can create an intelligent decision. In most cases, people who are turning to the digital world are those people who can't achieve their desire in the real world. You need to be careful and protect yourself online. There may be honest people, but there are also deceptive people who will make the entire experience stressful.


How to Spot Fake Online Dating Profiles

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It is easy for us to decode the fake from the authentic in the real world. There are apparent signs that determine a fake bag from a genuine such as the logo, stitches, pattern, and the materials used. However, it is pretty challenging for us to separate the fake profile from the authentic person in the online dating life, so you should always be careful in establishing a cyber relationship. According to the statistics, at least 1/10 of profiles on online dating sites are fake, and it results in more than $50 million for scam-related romance. The average number of fake profiles that dating sites delete daily is around 600. So, what are their determining factors in distinguishing the fake profile from the authentic? Here are some of the similarities you can spot on phony dating profiles.


Relationship Status

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Based on a recent study, scammers like to receive sympathy from others. This is how they attract their possible victim. One of the ways to do it is to use "widowed" as an online relationship status to receive compassion and empathy from others. Around 63% of all the fake profiles that were banned have this status. By using the "widowed" status, people will see them as more vulnerable and harmless human beings.


Educational Background


A considerable number of fake profiles also contains similar educational background. More than 50% of them claim that they have a doctorate status and 32% have a post-graduate degree. Scammers like to appear educated, so people will see them as someone with no capacity to scam others.



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If you look at the fake profile, you will notice that they have a pretty limited amount of photos (maybe 2 or 3). They also use the profile photo of a model or their favorite actor. As much as possible, scammers and fake profiles do not want to reveal their true personalities. We have to be discerning about this factor before we even consider the idea of cyber relationships. Do not initiate a conversation with someone because they have a pretty striking photo. If they have a massive collection of photos, take a look at the names of their albums. Genuine profiles usually name their album with the name of the place and the date that the picture was taken. The fake profile seems to be random in naming their album, such as "Friend," "Family," or "School."




Similar to their photo, the details included in their online dating profile are not detailed. They have a wide range of preferred partners most of the time, and they are willing to date any religion, height, weight, age, and race. One person can't be too lazy when filling out their profile. So when you see someone with barely any information included in their profile, be sure to avoid interacting with that person.


Small Network

 Online Dating Life

If you noticed their friend list, they have a low amount of people connected with them. They will send an invitation to random users and wait for them to accept their request. No one knows them in real life, and they do not interact with others that often unless people will approach them first.   No one tends to notice their posts, and they seem virtually inexistent.


These are similar signs that are constantly found in fake or scammers' profiles. Be cautious with those people and be wise when involving yourself in an online dating life.

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