Innovators of Video Monetization


Video is starting to get a significant chunk of market share. More and more businesses are dedicated to including video advertisements in their digital campaign. They have begun to embrace this method as an effective way of conveying their company's message to their targeted market. However, online users are now starting to become picky when it comes to the video that they will watch.


Ensuring that Your Video Monetization Will Reach a Maximum Exposure


Video Monetization

With billions of videos uploaded on different video hosting sites and social media platforms, you need to be creative. What are some ways how you can ensure that your video will be watched by your desired audience?


Look For Possible Digital Influencer

 Video Monetization

When business adapts their video marketing campaign, they tend to target people who have a strong social impact online. This type of methodology is highly determined by the profile's authority rather than the data. However, while the digital influencer can indeed jumpstart your video monetization, the statistics prove that creating a video with a high amount of exposure rate is brought by the large group of people sharing the video to a small group. You need to ensure that you will connect with influencers who have certain expertise in your industry.


Increase the Likelihood of Being Shared


The ' social object ' determines a business video with a high possibility of getting shared on the online community. Social Object should be an avenue for not just entertainment but also conversation. When you want to incorporate social objects in your video, you should tell a story to create a social impact. When weaving your brands on your video, remember that the person may love your video but does not necessarily like to be sold. A good branding video should go beyond the intention to sell. They should be able to connect the brand through their storytelling. Remember the 'Dear Sophie' Video of Google? It is a heartwarming story with a subtle promotion of their innovation.


Refrain From Branding Too Much

 Video Monetization

According to the latest study that Harvard conducted, too much branding, such as incorporating the business logo on the video, will most likely stop the audience from watching the video. To integrate your branding, it is recommended to use 'brand pulsing.' This means that you will be using the logo in the content of the video. Harvard says that it can increase the viewership by as much as 20%.


The Length of the Video


The general rule of creating a business video is to keep it short and ensure that the message will be immediately delivered within just a few seconds. But you may not want this methodology as you are hoping to increase the exposure of your video. Analyze the Super Bowl video advertisement of Honda. Stumble Upon states that video that extends from 2-3 minutes has a higher probability of getting shared.


These are just ways to ensure that your video will have high exposure. Although the online world is getting more congested on video content, statistics show that they will still consume videos they find relatable.

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