Human Resources Compliance


Most of the time, it is relatively easy for us to ignore the importance of compliance issues on human resources. The HR function serves as the center of the employee's effort and faces a tremendous amount of compliance and enforcement risks. Furthermore, the head of HR serves as crucial personnel in upholding that HR compliance. If a company has a weak Human Resources compliance policy, it will undoubtedly suffer on different aspects, and the HR department will become a liability to the company.


Ensuring Human Resources Compliance


HR Compliance

The chief of Human Resources has a considerable responsibility regarding compliance, both outside and inside the department. While the list here is not that comprehensive, these steps will be necessary to guarantee that all departments comply with the HR procedures and laws.


Be Familiar of the Federal and State Labor Laws


This is necessary to guarantee that you will not violate your employees' rights. One of the most renowned labor laws would be the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act). This law states that qualified employees have the right to file for unpaid leave for medical or family reasons. You should also educate yourself about the NLRA that upholds the right of the workers to govern various aspects of the work relations. Businesses that fail to comply with labor laws will be facing a considerable number of penalties and closure.


The Lawful Recruitment Process

 Human Resources Compliance

The law associated with human resources regulates the relationship between the employer and the employee even before the worker is hired. According to the existing local, federal, and state law, the employer is not required to ask the applicant questions about their ethnicity, gender, age, disabilities, marital status, religion, and race. By properly reviewing the questions and the form, you will minimize the possibility of asking an invalid question.



Verify Their Employment Status


You will have to verify all prospective applicants' employment status to guarantee that they reside in the US legally. You may complete this task through the Employment Eligibility Verification Form. Once you confirm their eligibility, you can only ask the applicant to submit documents and information stated on the I-9 form. Those who will request further documentation can be subjected to discrimination liability.


Train the Manager

 Human Resources Compliance

Training the managers will allow them to handle and avoid discrimination or harassment situations properly. Some states require the company to provide that training, while the remaining states are highly recommending this. Discrimination and harassment training will help you eliminate the possibility of a lawsuit and can help you save your business a significant amount of cash.


Finally, you can publish a handbook that should be disseminated to every department. This handbook should provide concise and comprehensive information about the company's guidelines, expectations, and rules. This Human Resource Compliance policy can also be used as a point of reference should there be a dispute that may occur.

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