How to Follow Up on Your Free MLM Leads


In the world of multi-level marketing, one of the most profitable attributes that you can have would be your phone abilities. In this article, you will be guided on the appropriate ways of following up after leaving a voicemail on your Free MLM leads. This will guarantee that you will have the highest return on your investment by boosting the conversion rate.


How to Follow Up on Your Free MLM Leads



There are a lot of advantages when leaving a voicemail on your Free MLM leads; unfortunately, not most people in the MLM Recruiting are unaware of how to use it. One of the primary goals in leaving a voicemail is to receive a call back from your prospects; the compensation they can receive with the plan and the product is only secondary. You need to generate at least 30-50 leads/day; if not, you will find it difficult to keep a continuous flow of income. You have to focus your entire effort on generating quality leads. When it is your first time leaving a voice mail, you have to keep it simple and concise. However, what happens if you are not receiving a call back; here's how to follow up on your first voicemail.


Creating the 1st Message

 Free MLM Leads

Your chances of receiving a call back on your Free MLM leads depend highly on the first voicemail you sent. Simply introduce yourself and leave your contact information. It is highly necessary to refrain from sounding like a salesperson. A salesperson will never receive that callback, and you don't want that to happen. Another tip when sending a voicemail is by introducing a special training guide. Leave your contact information again and say that you will be sending them the training materials after they call.


The Follow-up Message


When you want to follow up your Free MLM leads for recruiting, you need to create the second message, which is also referred to as the "follow-up" message. The follow-up message is more detailed compared to the 1st one. You need to provide them with more information. You can tell them about their visit to your site about your MLM marketing, and you need to know how you can help them. Make it sound personal when leaving a message.


The Third Message

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If the follow-up message does not cut the deal, you need to know how to follow up using the third message. The third message should be the last voicemail that you will send, and you have to tell them that it will be the last voicemail. Briefly introduce yourself and the purpose of your MLM recruitment. Simply express your gratitude by visiting your website. Be sure to specify the name of your website to remind them about your site. Close the message by saying that it will be the last voicemail they will receive from you to highlight the urgency of your message. People tend to respond to this message more due to a certain level of fear of losing something.


This is the most effective way to follow up on your free MLM leads after you leave your first voicemail. It is a series of messages with a developing stage that doesn't mimic a salesperson's behavior entirely.

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