Growth Hacking Strategy is a Company Culture


Employee Accountability is an integral part of the job, and it is also an essential step in propagating the culture of growth. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don't have a systematic process of growth hacking or refuse to spend time sharing the outcome with the team. A recent study shows that entrepreneurs need to collect, document, and share the success and knowledge to the team to create a higher interest in the organization and invest in the growth hacking strategy. In the said study, at least 1,000 entrepreneurs have participated. The study reveals the common mistake that the entrepreneurs commit and the proper ways of tracking, documenting, and sharing the knowledge and success in marketing and sales to create the ideal company culture of growth inside the company.


Things to Know About the Current Growth Hacking Strategy


Growth Hacking Strategy

This article will reveal some of the lapses in the current growth hacking strategy that most companies are implementing. By dealing with these loopholes, you can develop a more robust company and engaged employees that will further advance the business.


Entrepreneurs Are Not Willing to Share

 Growth Hacking Strategy

Contrary to what most of the experts recommend in the practice of growth hacking strategy, most of the respondents do not have a systematic process of sharing the wins and losses of the company with the team. At least 73.7% of the marketers are not divulging the result of the marketing and sales. When the marketers refuse to reveal the information, it will be hard for the company to determine its current value. The poor level of employee accountability can affect the company's reputation and prevent the organization from achieving possible growth. Sharing the wins is not a mode of celebrating your success. Sharing the loss is not a way to discourage your team. It is being accountable and enhancing your credibility. Your loss can be seen as a lesson, and teach your team about the errors that they will never again commit. 


Growth Hacking is About the Team


Growth hacking strategy is more of a team sport. You need to use programming wherein everyone can track the daily changes and development. If everyone is not involved, there is a great possibility that the company's maximum growth can never be achieved. Even the slight information about wins and success can boost the team's morale and provide them more inspiration. Moreover, keeping your people involved, especially on crucial matters that may affect the business, will make them feel valued. Understand that most key talents nowadays are not just looking for salary; they want the challenge.


Finding the System

 Growth Hacking Strategy

Based on the study, 35% of the respondents are unwilling to impart the loss and win on marketing and sales. Those willing to share are using mismatch systems that do not produce viable results. When finding a process or a system to share the success, it should be done in a way that everyone can understand, and it should be done daily. You should also invest time for the team to discuss the result to determine if the entire team members are on the same page of the growth hacking strategy.

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