Google Search Console on WordPress


One imperative stride in advancing your webpage for web indexes is incorporating your website into the Google Search Console. Utilizing this tool alongside with different tips we have given can be an enormous help.


What is Google Search Console


Google Webmaster Tool

Google Search Console is an arrangement of tools provided by Google to offer different website owners insight on how the robots crawl a site. It gives information and reports that can explain how the specific pages on a site are showing up in search results. It shows the search terms used, your particular web page's ranking, and how often it received clicks from the online community. This can provide you with different solutions to enhance your articles' substance, create new elements that will rank higher on SERP, and plan a content procedure especially tailored for your website. Google Webmaster Tool additionally permits you to design and submit XML sitemap, reject URLs, and instruct the spiders to pay consideration to the high-performing articles of your site. It further advises you if there is an issue with your site, preventing Google from indexing and crawling a page or content, broken links, and others.


How to Use Google Search Console with a WordPress Site

 Google Search Console on WordPress

1.      Access the dashboard of the Google Search Console using your Google account. Once you manage to sign in, you will be prompted to add a site; input the URL of your site and click on the add option.


2.      You will then be redirected to a page asking you to verify that you own that site. You have different options to prove ownership; you can use FTP to upload an HTML code on your site's root directory or get a tag that you can integrate on a WordPress.


3.      To effectively integrate the generated meta tag on your WordPress site, you can introduce and enact our Footers module and Insert Header. Simply copy the tag line which is generated by the Google Search Console which may look similar to: <meta name="google-site-check" content="MetagTagVerificationCode"/>


4.      After copying the meta tags, click Settings and go to Insert Headers. Paste the meta tag with the verification key in the site's header. Save and return on the dashboard of Google Webmaster Tool. Tap on the Verify button to claim ownership of the site.


5.      On the other hand, If you utilize the WordPress SEO module, you may copy the verification code within the provided meta tag and paste it into the plug-in. Click the plug-in and find the webmaster tool segment, where you will paste the uniquely generated verification key. The rest is similar to the whole process. Go back to the dashboard to claim ownership of the site.

 Google Webmaster Tool

When you manage to confirm your site, the next step is to add your sitemap. If you do not have XML sitemap or do not understand a sitemap, look at our aide on the most proficient method to make sitemaps in WordPress. Once you completed adding the XML sitemap, the search engine might take a while to show your site information.


That is everything that you should understand about adding the Google Search Console to your WordPress site.

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