Finding Cheap Auto Insurance in NJ

The rate of acquiring car insurance in New Jersey can vary greatly depending on the company and the coverage. For instance, auto insurance for middle-aged couples will cost about $4,630, which is 79% lower. Paying a premium on the most expensive insurance companies can take up to four years which can incur some expenses. That is why we need to find cheap auto insurance companies in NJ.


Newark, New Jersey


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Having the notoriety of being the most expensive city for acquiring car insurance, it is only fitting to analyze if there are ways to secure cheap car insurance in this city. The usual range of cheap auto insurance companies would be around $1,213- $5,646. For the couple aged 60 and above, the premium amount would cost $1,800/year. The price can be twice as high for those in their middle-age at $3,600/year. If you are around 23 years old and still single, the amount can be about $3,192, and the singles who are 35 years old and above have to pay at least $2,368 a year.


The top three cheap auto insurance companies in this city would be Norfolk&Dedham, Farmers and Skylands. Compared to the average mentioned above, these insurance companies are 44% more affordable. For instance, the $3,192 for the 35 years old will only cost them $1,291 if they opt for Norfolk&Dedham.


Jersey City

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Dubbed as the 11 most expensive places to get car insurance in New Jersey, the premiums you have to pay for your auto insurance is 9% greater compared to the average. The insurance quotes from different cheap auto insurance companies in NJ can significantly vary, from a low price of $1,036 to a whopping $4,901. The disparity in the price range is high, but by opting for a more reasonable insurance agency, you will be able to save up to 43%. Similar to Newark City, the top three cheapest car insurance is provided by Skylands, Farmers and Norfolk&Dedham. Farmer’s is offering a married couple who operates two vehicles with a 58% discount which is the most affordable insurance quote.


Paterson, New Jersey

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Paterson, NJ, can be the third most expensive city to acquire car insurance. But similar to other cities, we also have a recommendation to keep the cost low. Norfolk&Dedham, Skylands and Farmers are also the cheap auto insurance companies that are offering the most reasonable quote. The most affordable city to get car insurance would be Hillsborough; this area will charge you with about $1,538. Bridgewater’s normal average, second to the most affordable, would cost around $1,563.

15 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance


Your car insurance expenses can cost you an arm and a leg. However, there are ways that you can do to lower the price of your cheap Auto insurance significantly. Here are 15 ways to reduce the cost of your premium.


15 Tips to Lower Your Car Insurance

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1.      Ask You Agent-Directly ask your insurance agent about the factors that can bring down the cost of your car insurance. There is a possibility that your agent knows a thing or two about lowering the expenses of acquiring car insurance.


2.      Anti-Theft Gadget-Any anti-theft gadget installed on your car can lower the cost of the premiums. Before installing any anti-theft gadgets, be sure to ask the insurers what type of devices will reduce the cost of insurance.


3.      Do not opt for an unnecessary insurance policy. This is a risky move, especially if you are running a newly-purchased vehicle, but it might be good to drop the collision insurance if you are driving a used car. The amount of money that you can get in case of collision depends on the amount of the vehicle; if the used car costs $1,500 and the premium costs $800, opting for the collision coverage may not make any sense.


4.      Place You Live-When you are moving, the cost of your cheap auto insurance tends to increase or decrease depending on your location.


5.      Credit Rating- A good credit standing is also a great way to lower the cost of insurance. Insurance companies believe that those with good credit standing tend to become more careful than others.



6.      Increasing the Deductibles-Deductible is the amount of cash you must lay out before the insurer will act to cover the cost should an accident, theft, or any form of damage occur. The higher the deductible amount, the lower the premium will be.


7.      Choosing the Vehicle-Smaller cars reflects lower insurance costs; cheaper cars also come with cheap auto insurance.

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8.      Driving Hours- When acquiring car insurance, you will be given a set of questionnaires. One important question would be the hours that you spend driving. The longer you drive, the higher the cost of insurance will be.


9.      Finding Different Agency- It will not hurt you to find another insurer if your insurance company increases its premium. It may be essential to ask for a quote on different companies every two years.


10.  Complete a defensive Course on Driving- Take a special course in driving that focus more on the defensive factor. There are times that the insurers are offering lower car insurance costs to those who completed this course.


11.  Clean Record- Those who have a clean record and do not have any record of mishap have a higher probability of acquiring cheap auto insurance.


12.  Insuring Multiple Cars- The more cars you insure, the lower the insurance cost.

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13.  The number of people that will drive the car-Another important question that will be asked during your application for car insurance would be the number of people driving the car. Those with a limited number of drivers are likely to get cheaper insurance.


14.  Cars For Work- People who use their vehicles for their work have a higher insurance cost. If you want to lower the price, use it for your social pleasure.


15.  Internet Buying-Those who will buy cars over the internet has an automatic 5% discount on cheap auto insurance.


There you have it, the top ways to reduce the amount of your car insurance.

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