Digital Marketing Job Opportunities


At a basic level, digital marketing is known as advertisement delivered on various digital channels, including but not limited to mobile apps, email, social media, search engine sites, and websites. It is an umbrella term that can cover an array of marketing activities. Nowadays, people spend a great deal of their time online. The digital revolution has changed the way we interact with people. It also affected our buying habits. The digital marketing job responsibilities is to connect with the right people at that perfect time, which will allow them to influence the behavior of these consumers.


Different Digital Marketing Job Opportunities

You probably heard that 70% of the jobs in the US require digital skills. There has been an increasing demand for general roles and specialist skills in digital marketing in different industries. Nowadays, most companies are still looking for broad skills, but now that the industry is gradually maturing, they will start to look for specific digital marketing job skills in different areas.


SEO Manager

 SEO analysts

SEO Managers are responsible for building the traffic for the website by increasing its SERP ranking. There are online digital marketing courses that will teach you to be comfortable using various analytical tools and conducting detailed research. In most cases, the SEO Manager is also liable for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). You can also take the Google certification for SEO.


Social Media Manager

 Social Media

The social media managers are tasked to develop strategies that will increase the company's presence on various social media platforms. Different online platforms offer comprehensive online digital marketing courses for this career. They will teach you how to develop a marketing strategy, interact with your audiences, examine the result using analytical tools, and adjust your plan accordingly. Most social media managers are working hand-in-hand with the customer service team, which allows them to respond to the queries of their audiences on their social networks. You will also learn how to use sentiment analysis and social listening procedures. Hashtag marketing also falls under this category.


Digital Marketing Manager

 Digital Marketing Job Opportunities

Being a digital marketing manager requires you to develop systematic online marketing techniques. This is probably the most complex digital marketing job. They are tasked to create a detailed plan for mobile marketing, email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Search engine Optimization.


Marketing Assistant

 Digital marketer

Digital marketer working as an assistant serves as a support for the marketing manager. They are in charge of completing various tasks, from developing an event to creating a report on the marketing campaign. This is an ideal entry point in the field of digital marketing. It will expose you to different opportunities and help you learn the essential skills required to be a successful marketing manager.


Marketing Analysts


The Marketing analyst is the digital marketer who utilizes analytical tools to monitor their marketing campaign's progress. Some companies will also request them to conduct research and provide their assistance to the marketing team members using their digital strategy.


Based on the research conducted by Moz and Fractl, there are an array of skills needed to open yourself to these digital marketing job opportunities. Some of them require the prospected candidates to be proficient in PPC, Content Marketing, Google Analytics, SEO, Digital Marketing, and Social Media. If you want to be well-versed in this area, be sure to check the online digital marketing courses offered by a trustworthy agency.

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