Creating Sales Marketing Service Level Agreement


The Sales and Marketing Department can often be found in the same team, but unfortunately, most of the time, they act disconnected. Based on the study conducted by Corporate Executive Board, 87% of the words used by sales and marketing to describe one another are commonly negative. The sales department often refers to the marketing team as irrelevant, and the marketing department describes sales as incompetent. However, by having a conscious effort to get them to cooperate with a sales marketing service legal agreement, you will achieve a harmonious working relationship between the sales and marketing group.


Steps in Creating a Harmonious Relationship on Sales and Marketing through Sales Marketing Service Level Agreement


Follow these step-by-step procedures to guarantee that there will be a harmonious working relationship between your marketing team and the sales department. This will ensure that both of the crucial department of your company is on the same page that will encourage growth.


Step #1: Set Definitive Numbers for Your Marketing

 Sales Marketing Service Level Agreement

People associated with the marketing department should have a concrete goal to drive the digital marketing strategy and the respective reporting. However, you should guarantee that you are setting a definitive goal in numbers that will align them with the approach and mindset of the sales department. Remember that the sales are focused on numbers and quota, which determines their job security and compensation. By providing a concrete number on the marketing goals on their sales marketing service legal agreement, you are making them more accountable similar to the intent of the Sales Department.


Step #2:  Communicate, Rejoice and Address the Success/Failure of their Numeric Goal

 Sales Marketing Service Level Agreement

Proper communication on how the respective team is doing with their numeric goal on digital marketing promotes transparency in your business. Addressing the team's failure in attaining the numeric goal will highlight the importance of the matter. Rejoicing the teams' success will keep them motivated in doing their job.


Step #3 Create a Sales Marketing Service Legal Agreement

 Sales Marketing Service Level Agreement

Finally, you should create an agreement on the two teams and reiterate which part of the digital marketing they are accountable for. This agreement is commonly referred to as SLA or sales marketing service legal agreement. It has a concrete and comprehensive detail about the marketing goal and the sales activity. This will highlight the importance of working together.


When creating the sales marketing service legal agreement, you need to calculate the marketing side first; the estimated percentage of the customer, estimated deal size,  revenue generated by the department in percentage, and the total sales. This will be followed by calculating the sales side to identify the frequency of the leads who follow up.   You also need to set up the SLA reporting of the marketing to track their progress against the specific goal. Finally, the Sales reporting should also be included to track the progress of the sales department.


Never forget to review the sales marketing service legal agreement daily to monitor the progress. Also, ensure that marketing and sales have access to the SLA of the other team to promote transparency and accountability.



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