CBD Potential - Cannabis Oil for Autism


Autism is a disorder that affects the development of the brain. This is characterized by repetitive, rarely harmful behavior and social interaction and communication problems. Today, the management of this condition is heavily geared towards coaching and drug medication. While there has been a limited study that will prove that cannabis oil has a positive impact on autism, there is currently growing positive evidence based on the testimony of parents and medical professionals.


The Current Dilemma on Using Cannabis Oil for Autism


CBD for Autism

While there has been increasing evidence about the positive response of individuals with autism on cannabis oil, the doctors still cannot prescribe this due to the lack of scientific study. In addition, autism is a complex disorder. A treatment that works on one person with autism may not necessarily work with another person. However, according to the reports, the scientific study is inconclusive due to the reservations of the medical facilities in testing the cannabis oil.

 Cannabis Oil for Autism

The missing research has paved the way to the anecdotal evidence that kids with autism feel healthier and happier due to cannabis oil. Medical professionals believe that anecdotes are important and should never be dismissed. It signifies that attention on the matter is demanded, and it needs to be disproven or proven.


The Challenge in Exploring Cannabis as Medicine


Perhaps the biggest challenge that we need to overcome in the cannabis oil industry is to clear the issue that cannabis oil is a dangerous substance. Cannabis is a widely-used substance in the medical sector in the Western country during the 19th century. While it may be true that there is no research about the toxicity level of cannabis in children, there are also no toxicity studies on common child medication such as risperidone.

 Cannabis Oil for Autism

The high cost associated with the controlled study will amount to more than $800 million, which may not be possible for a small drug company planning to distribute the product. However, some small ongoing research is being conducted all over the world to specify the benefits of CBD oil for autism. For instance, a clinical psychologist named Giovanni Martinez revealed the positive results of using cannabis oil. He reported that a kid with autism has allegedly spoken his first word after being sprayed with hemp oil twice a day. In as little as three weeks, the child developed a decent language skill. This one study alone proves that we will continue to deprive our kids with the autism spectrum of a chance for a better life.


Mieko Perez reported strong evidence on the positive impact of CBD oil on autism. Her son, who was diagnosed with autism, has also developed muscular dystrophy and had to ingest 13 types of medication that can be damaging. After a small amount of research, Perez stumbled upon the benefits of cannabis oil for autism and started administering it to her son. Up to this day, her son has been enjoying his life. Despite this positive effect, Perez has received criticism for using cannabis oil on his son due to the prejudice of society.


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