A Novice Guide about Scalping Strategies on Forex


Scalping on Forex trading is referred to as skimming on a smaller profit on a standard basis through a trading strategy for numerous amounts per day. It is a widespread technique among investors that involves fast opening and transparency of the positions. Determining how fast the execution is not precise, but generally, the time frame may range from 3-5 minutes. The popularity of this strategy is due to the minimum amount of risk involved. But different traders are arguing this fact since the scalper's visibility is for a short time only compared to the day trader or a trend follower. There are different scalping strategies that you can learn as you increase your learning about Forex. Here are some of them.


Different Types of Scalping


Scalping Strategies on Forex

There are two different approaches when it comes to scalping.


·         Slow Price-Fluctuation- In this type of scalping strategy, the marketer concentrates on the slow price fluctuation within a shorter period. They also utilize specialized techniques when trading them.


·         Sharp Price-Fluctuation- the second type of scalping strategy concentrates on the fast trade and can also be referred to as swing trader or a trend follower. In this method, the trader will take advantage of the rapid fluctuation of the price that has a minimized amount of risk.


The Pros of Using Scalping Strategies

 Scalping Strategies on Forex

You can reap different benefits when you utilize scalping strategies in trading. In scalping, the positions are typically maintained for a short period only. There is a lower chance of getting knocked down on your trading position. This eliminates the need to wait for the trading to close. The scalpers also typically gain profit in a 1:1 reward to risk ratio. With this ratio, they have a higher chance of increasing the strike rate. Lastly, since the position is only maintained for a shorter time, the scalper also requires only limited knowledge about the trading strategies and the Forex market.


The Cons of Using Scalping Strategies

 Scalping Strategies on Forex

Scalpers are not generally approved on different platforms. The 1:1 ratio can also be seen as a disadvantage in scalping strategies. With only a single loss, the trader gains on their past successful trading can quickly be depleted. The general yield when using scalping is limited to 5 pips or less. With this notion, a trader needs to trade for a consecutive amount of time to attain the goal.


Depending on the trader's view, scalping strategies can be viewed as a blessing or a curse. It allows an avenue for individuals with a lack of knowledge about trading to enter the Forex market, but the limited amount of pips gained may require you to work double-time, and a slight loss can turn into a disaster.

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