A Great Friend Can Be a Certified Life Coach


When you consider the traits and behaviors of a great friend, you will immediately think about his supportive, kind and caring nature. If you have been a great friend, being a certified life coach can turn out to be a rewarding career path. Reliability and a supportive attitude are just a few traits needed to be a fantastic coach.


Qualities of a Great Friend That will Make Certified Life Coach


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If you have the traits and qualities that we will mention below, you have the traits to be a supportive and reliable certified life coach.


You are Authentic


When you feel happy about the achievement of others, then you have the qualities of a certified life coach. For instance, if a close friend has achieved their dream job or they are in a happy relationship, you need to be happy for them. A fantastic motivational coach will feel proud and happy if their client has achieved a new milestone in their life. It is just too fulfilling to see a client that is trying to improve their life for the better.


You Are Honest

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If you are honest with your friends, they will not hesitate to trust you. The same thing can be said when you choose to become a certified life coach. If your client conveys a particular goal and you are unsure if they are setting a realistic goal, you need to remain honest. You may help them realize that they should extend their time frame. If it is unrealistic, you may encourage them to choose another path. It will be impossible to guide them to the right direction if you always sound patronizing and inauthentic.


You Have a Positive Influence on Others



Does your friend love to be around you due to your authentic and upbeat nature? Perhaps they want to be close to you due to your enthusiastic and positive attitude. Just a simple smile can make someone feel comfortable and at ease. This trait is needed to be a certified life coach. Positive energy is contagious; it will also attract positive people and events. Remember how we discuss the law of attraction in the past?


You Are a Great listener

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Listening skill is vital to being a certified life coach. You should be able to hear the message that they want to convey. You need to ensure that someone is willing to listen to their problems and pain. Once you master the art of listening, you will realize how this skill will support your coaching career.


You Have a Supportive Nature


If you are happy when your friends achieve their goals in life, you will be willing to support them. You will not hesitate to extend your help just to see them happy and contented. Most clients will seek the use of a certified life coach for support. You will need to provide support to your client until they achieve their goals.


If you want to know more information on how to become a certified life coach, we encourage you to join the training and seminar provided by different organizations. They can help you realize your full potential and become a fantastic motivational coach.

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