8 Online Web Tools that are Useful for Your Business


There are some essential online web tools that you need to make your internet marketing successful. Even if you are pretty determined, passionate, and hard-working, all of that can turn into waste if you are not equipped with different essential tools to boost your digital marketing campaign. If you are someone new in online marketing, choosing the right tool may be daunting. The online world offers a vast selection of free and premium web tools. To help you settle on your decision, here are the top 8 online web tools useful for your business.


Best Online Web Tools: Google Analytics


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Those running a business and marketing campaign need to gather and measure the right amount of data and information. Google Analytics is one of the online web tools that can show you comprehensive information about your visitors' demographics, age, profession, and gender. The numbers relating to these factors are critical when running an online campaign. The sources and your visitor's behavior can also be determined using Google Analytics. This data can be utilized to improve the SEO of your webpage.



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Mint gathers and record data about your online banking account. This will allow you to keep updated on your financial standing and budget. This is one of the online web tools that will record your spending habits and categorize them using a simple graph with a detailed report. Using this tool, you can also set your budget limit, and the program will warn you once you reach that limit.




The next integral part of internet marketing would be creating content. Buzzsumo is an online web tool that can find engaging content or trend in the online world. You can use web analytic tools to find your targeted audience and search for the topic that will interest them the most.



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Hootsuite is an online web tool that allows you to manage your social media account properly. You can integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media account into one platform and schedule your posts. 




Buffer contains similar features to Hootsuite. Its difference from other online web tools is that it allows you to schedule your post even months ahead. This will ensure that your account will stay active without being online 24/7.



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Online web tools that auto-generate an email are a thing of the past. Nowadays, you have to write it on your own to increase the possibility of opening the email message. With Mailchimp, some templates can help you create a professional-looking template that your audience will surely love. Best of all, it is free.




Keap is one of the email marketing online web tools that require a small amount of payment to use it to its full potential. Compared to other email marketing tools, this program categorized your lead list based on the information that you gathered. It also allows you to create more personalized email messages depending upon your audience's behavior.




The last on the list of the essential online web tools is a program that can keep your marketing organized. It isn't easy to save and access information and data on different devices. Using Evernote, you can sync this information and access it on your account whenever you need it. It is also an excellent option for group projects since you can share the document with different people.


The world of marketing campaigns is diverse, complex, and in constant change. These online web tools may be the best tools for now, but the changes that will be implemented in the future can affect this list.

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