10 Tips for Preventing WordPress Hacking


Serving as a host to more than 16 million website designs, WordPress is definitely one of the online community's more preferred web hosting sites. However, the popularity of WordPress also makes it an ideal target for hackers. The security feature of WordPress still has a long way to go, so you need to keep your site secure. To assist you in keeping your WordPress site safe, we have listed some critical tips that will prevent hacking.


10 Essential Tips for Preventing WordPress Hacking


Preventing WordPress Hacking

1.      Create a Backup- This is one of the first things you should consider when trying to prevent an unwanted breach in your network. See that you will create a backup of your database and website design. This can be accomplished manually or by using a WordPress Plug-in. A good plug-in will have the ability to export the database of your image, videos, files, and other types of content in a single folder.


2.      Updating the Version of Your WordPress- the older type of WordPress will be vulnerable to hacking attacks, so make sure to update your WordPress to the latest version. The update of WordPress comes with an additional security feature that fixes the security flaws of the last version. The hackers will use the list of the security flaws as a cheat sheet that exposes those running the older version in hacking their site. By having a backup before updating your version, you can ensure that your site will not end up in a mess. Check for an update after the website maintenance or web server maintenance.

 Preventing WordPress Hacking

3.      Secure Your Hosting Server- According to the numbers, at least 41% of the website under WordPress has been hacked due to vulnerabilities of the Hosting Server. This is quite alarming to the rest of the WordPress users since most of them are on shared hosting. If one of the sites gets infected, the other sites on the shared hosting site are also at risk. This is why you must find a secured and reliable hosting site for your website design. Managed hosting and VPS are perfect for running an e-commerce site.


4.      Network Security- Focus on a secured network with encryption.


5.      Use Complex Password- Refrain from using passwords that are cliché, such as 'admins.'


6.      Change the Default Table Prefix- The default prefix for the database table of WordPress would be wp_, and hackers are normally aware of that. This can make the injection on the SQL simpler. Immediately alter the wp_ based on your preference.


7.      File Permission- Secure your file permission. When hackers can update your index.php, they can change it and redirect your audience to their site.

 Preventing WordPress Hacking

8.      Update Your Workstation's Security- You need to keep your workstation secured against possible attacks. Update your virus and your smart security to prevent malware or virus injection in your website design.


9.      Have a Pro Look- By having a website design that looks like a Pro, some hackers will get discouraged easily from hacking your network. You should change the default look of everything to avoid looking like a newbie.


10.  Use only reliable sources for downloads- If you have a pretty tight resource, it is so easy for you to opt for a pirated product rather than on a paid theme or plug-in. You can't keep your WordPress secure if you download premium features on an unreliable site.


These are the top 10 of keeping your WordPress site safe and secured.

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