Unique Places to Visit in Sedona


With the considerable amount of wonders you can visit in Sedona scattered in different directions, you will not have sufficient time to experience all of them. Even seasoned travelers will know how difficult it is to determine the best things to do in Sedona and the places to visit. Most visitors who visit Sedona will enjoy walking around, shopping, dining, and taking pictures. You can ride on a hot air balloon or a helicopter and look at Sedona from a new perspective. You can also take the river trip and visit the vineyard for a great wine tasting experience.


What to Do in Sedona


Places to Visit in Sedona

There are different Sedona attractions that you need to check out. This trip doesn’t have to be boring for the kids. Both of you can have a fantastic time if you know the places to visit in Sedona. Here are some of them.


Oak Creek Canyon

 Places to Visit in Sedona

The Oak Creek Canyon is one of the most frequented sites in Sedona; in fact, it is the second most famous canyon in the whole of Arizona (with Grand Canyon taking the first spot). Within the 15-mile drive, you will be able to come across stunning vistas. However, make sure that you keep your eyes glued on the road since the roads are twisty and narrow. Checking the view on top of the Oak Creek Canyon is one of the fantastic things to do in Sedona. You will not only enjoy the all-encompassing views but you will also be amazed by the amazing rock formations such as the Kaibab limestone.


Vortex Sites


Regardless of whether you believe in the New Age society or not, you should consider going to this famous vortex. It offers some of the most stunning spots that the town can offer. The Vortex Site is believed to be a site filled with energy that provides a prospected place for self-exploration, meditation, and spiritual healing. The believers of this practice have determined four possible healing areas; Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon. Those traveling out of curiosity or going to a self-discovery should not miss these places to visit in Sedona.


Holy Cross Chapel

 Places to Visit in Sedona

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring artwork in the town will not be found in the art exhibit; it is a structure that elegantly complements the soaring red rocks. Marguerite Brunswig Staude designed the Holy Cross Chapel, and it was completed in 1957. It is nestled in the valley and stands around 200 ft above the ground. The majestic cliff with unique shades serves as the backdrop of the stunning structure. The interior design of the chapel is simple. It is one of the best places to visit in Sedona for people who want to contemplate.


No matter how many times you visit Sedona for a holiday vacation, you will discover that there are more things to do in Sedona and many places you need to explore. It will surprise you in ways that you can’t imagine.

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