Create a Meaningful Time with Your Kids


Going to our work, driving the kids, preparing the meal, and attending to the household chores is necessary, but all of these also mean less time with our kids. Based on the recent study, there is only a slight difference in the amount of time women spend doing household chores compared to men. This means that we tend to get pulled in different directions. Our work, marriage, and taking care of the house are all essential things; however, there are healthy ways to handle our responsibilities. These can help us avoid neglecting any of these factors and create a meaningful time with our kids.


Make Sure to Have a Meal Together


spending time with kids

Mealtime is one of the important family-bonding moments. It is where you and your kids can have a meaningful conversation and catch up on what’s happening in their lives today. Make sure that you set definitive rules when the family is in the dining area. It would help to ban the electronic gadget and let them focus on their healthy meal and the conversation. You may also encourage the kids to assist you in preparing the food. It will not hurt to sacrifice the cleanliness of your kitchen to have a significant time with the kids. Make their mealtime a priority. Ensure that they will have fun at the dining table and not quarrel over the few pieces of veggies.


Make it a Fun Ride

 spending time with kids

Living in LA, I know some people who hate driving their kids because it takes too much of their time. But not me; I do enjoy this since I have an extra 40 minutes to have a meaningful conversation with them. It’s like a magical opportunity to update myself on what’s happening with their lives and their friends. During that specific time, none of us were busy. They are not doing their homework, and I do not attend to my work and household chores.


The Tech-Free Zone

 spending time with kids

Take the gadgets and computers out of their bedroom where you cannot monitor them. Place it in the living room; that way, you will see them more often and talk to them while you are doing your simple chores. It will also be great to play their games so you will have something in common and something to talk about. However, you should also set the timeframe when using these gadgets.


What if You Don’t Have Time?

 spending time with kids

Some of our work schedules are too tight that we won’t be able to stop until 3:00 am; however, you still have a chance to talk with them by using a ‘Phantom Time.’ Some kids highly appreciate the small notes that their Mom leaves on their lunchboxes. You can also take advantage of today’s technology and record a short video. You only need to be creative to show your love to the kids.


Giving your kids a fraction of your time opens many learning opportunities. It is also a chance for them to be heard. Make sure that you invest even a small portion of your time in your kids since this is the best way to connect with them.


Tips When Planning Indoor or Outdoor Activities for the Kids

 spending time with kids

It is always essential to offer your kids diverse indoor and outdoor activities to support their physical and mental development. When they are in their development stage, they must be exposed to various activities with different intensity levels. The amount of movement required by your kids will highly depend upon their age. Children less than five years old who can already walk should remain physically active for at least 3 hours every day. It will be challenging for you to plan indoor and outdoor play dates to support their needs. Here are some tips that will keep them active and provide them with great opportunities to hone their social skills. It is also a perfect time to spend with them.


Tip #1:  Choose a Theme for their Activity

 spending time with kids

Some little kids love being independent; that is why you need to create ample space for their physical activity. However, you can also set a structured time requiring only minimal guidance. When choosing a variety of themes, make sure that all kids will participate. It is also essential to pay good attention to their skills and interests.


Tip #2: Spending Time with Them

 spending time with kids

Nowadays, we do not spend much time with our kids due to our busy schedules. We need to support the activities provided at their pre-school. If you cannot leave your house or are too busy, you may promote indoor structured activities. Structured activities are an organized type of game that has rules and time limits. It allows you to be with them with only minimum supervision required. If you can go on an outdoor adventure, try to plan a game in a nearby facility. Leave the car behind so you will have a long time talking with each other while walking, biking, or running.


Tip #3:  Choose a Game that will Develop the 7 Senses

 spending time with kids

Yes, you heard it right; contrary to what most people believe that we only have five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight), we all have an additional two senses; the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. The proprioceptive can be located at our connective tissue and muscles. They can be triggered by movement, which is crucial in developing motor skills. The vestibular sensory is situated in the inner ear. It is essential in determining the direction and the speed of the movement. When choosing a physical activity, make sure that it can stimulate the seven senses. Some activities that develop these seven senses are cooking, food preparation, playing a musical instrument, dancing, and listening to music.


By thoughtful planning of indoor and outdoor activities, you can encourage the kids to make decisions for themselves. It is also a perfect time to instill good values in your kids.

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