Marketing Automation Solutions for Small Business


It is an exciting period. SaaS (Software as a Service) empowers your business with essential tools that were used to be limited only to the large players in the industry who have the resources. Sophisticated software is now available for small business owners at only a fraction of the original cost. However, the benefit of automation may not be limited to the price; it will also streamline the different processes of your sales and marketing team. Study shows that at least 64% of small businesses are now using this solution. Most of them are amazed at how marketing automation solutions can simplify the critical process of their business.


The Benefits of the Best Marketing Automation Solutions for Small Business


Marketing Automation Solutions

Most of the software solutions nowadays are intended for small businesses. They are designed to solve your common woes such as lack of budget, limited IT staff, and stringent requirements. Companies that use marketing automation solutions should expect the following benefits.


It Empowers Your Staff

 business automated software

Marketing and sales automation can streamline the cumbersome and laborious task, allowing your staff to focus more on their core strength. More importantly, it also automates the workflow in your business, which helps you keep your business functional despite the limited staff. From systematically managing the documents to processing the payrolls, the right software can boost your company's productivity.


Get Important Insights


Small business marketing automation solutions can generate important insight by extracting information using different sources. Traditionally, this is a manual process that can take days to complete. With the help of SaaS, you will be able to access real-time analytics and reporting that will help you create better decisions on crucial areas such as talent search, budgeting, and sales forecast. Small businesses utilizing marketing automation can also gauge the success of their business better and have a clearer insight into the future of the company.


Improved Collaboration

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Marketing and sales automation can be accessed on mobile devices and the internet, making it a perfect collaboration platform. This is ideal if you are outsourcing some tasks of your business or if you are working with a third-party service provider. The information and critical data are stored in a single place, but various users can access it as long as they have permission. Using different automation tools will allow you to update everyone involved in the project.


Remote Access


As we mentioned before, your work can be accessed on your mobile device as long as you have an internet connection. This allows you to stay on the loop even if you are relaxing at the beach or in your home. Most of the marketing automation solutions for small businesses is also mobile responsive, which allows you to access the key features of the marketing automation when using your handheld devices.


Finally, marketing automation solutions for small businesses allows you to customize and integrate the system depending on your business needs. You can use vertical or horizontal structures to define the hierarchies. The possibility is just endless. You may also integrate your company logo in the user interface, which helps your company branding.


Marketing Automation Perfect Match of Customer Relationship Management

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Marketing Automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) would be the perfect tandem. They have different functions that can only achieve true potential when used in conjunction. CRM can be referred to as a sales tool primarily focused on collecting information on the existing customers and finding sales opportunities through the acquisition and management of new customers. On the other hand, marketing automation can be regarded as a marketing tool that is the counterpart of your CRM. It is highly focused on lead generation and communication through the data collected by your CRM. Here are some instances of how CRM and Marketing Automation can work hand in hand for your digital marketing strategy.


Behavioral Tracking


With Marketing Automation solutions connected with CRM, you will receive information beyond the basic demographics. You will be able to analyze a more comprehensive and detailed behavior tracking. With this tracking method combined with the analytics, you will analyze the pages that your prospected customers will visit. You will also see the type of content that interests them the most and their current stage in the cycle of buying. This is vital information for your digital marketing since the sales team will know the proper time of closing the deal.


Lead Generation Scoring and Assignment


The information gathered with the email and marketing automation system can be utilized when you categorize your leads. This will help you know which type of lead is healthy and qualified. The tools used in market automation can automate the assignment of the lead. This will streamline the process and guarantee that the assignment process is efficient and fair.


Precisely Measurement of ROI


When you are conducting your digital marketing campaign, the marketing automation system and the CRM will allow you to associate the deals to your campaign. This type of loop reporting can give you a better view of your ROI.


Targeted Messaging

 Marketing Automation Solutions

With the information gathered on your behavioral tracking using an automated tool, you will send drip emails and targeted types of messages. This type of message is more personalized and based on the prospect of your potential buyer and his phase in the buying cycle. Having a more customized email on your digital marketing will allow the prospected client to see your message as relevant and informative.


These are some ways the digital marketing campaign can benefit with the help of a combined CRM and Email and Marketing Automation solutions. Using this type of automation system requires a high level of expertise. It would be highly recommended to outsource your automation system to ensure the accuracy of your gathered data.


Introduction to B2C Marketing Automation Tools


In the marketing and sales automation industry, B2B is considered the king. Most of them are looking for the best B2B automation tools to maximize their growth. However, the B2C marketing automation solutions should not be ignored. In this article, we will try to cover the different marketing and sales automation and the future of the automation platform.


Common Features of the B2C Marketing Automation Tools

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Before we start, it is important to know the difference between the B2B and B2C automation tools. B2B is dealing with a specific targeted market to deliver a qualified and high-priority lead to the sales representatives. The B2C Marketing Automation Tools, on the other hand, is taking a diverse approach. Under the B2C, the product and the business's brand are considered more important than the customer’s engagement. The sales cycle is normally speedy and short. The key to the business's success is focused on increasing the value and merchandising. For this simple reason, the marketing and sales automation of B2C can help reduce the rate of cart abandonment, take advantage of the partnership and increase the possibility that the email messages will be opened. It also has the power to boost revenue through selling/upselling, create nurturing campaign, and conduct loyalty programs automatically.


Marketing Automation Sellers


Like the B2B automation, the B2C Marketing Automation Solutions are also available in two types; the one designed for enterprise use and the one intended for small businesses.


Enterprise Automation

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·         Neolane- Designed on a single platform that manages analytics, customer data, resources, leads, and marketing campaigns effectively improving the company’s ROI and marketing strategy. They claim that more than 400 leading companies worldwide are being utilized, such as Sony, Sephora, and Alcatel.


·         Unica- IBM owns this Marketing Automation tool. They provide the company with resource management, offline and online lead generation, and customer analytics.


·         SAS- SAS provides business analytics; it is one of the biggest independent B2C Marketing Automation Solutions which can help companies plan, analyze and conduct their marketing campaign.


·         Aprimo- This platform is easier to use than other marketing automation. They have modular software that allows the business owners to integrate their marketing strategies and streamline their marketing process, improving the company’s ROI.


SMB (Small-Medium Business) Marketing Automation

 Marketing Automation Solutions

·         ExactTarget- This automation tool comes with an interactive tool that allows the business to have a unique view of their customers. Some companies using this platform include Nike, Jet Blue Airways, and Home Depot.


·         Alterian- This marketing and sales automation platform has analytics, engagement management, email marketing, social media marketing, and content management.


In terms of the future of the B2C Marketing Automation Solutions, it is currently hitting a tipping point. It is because the leaders of the industry started adopting sales and marketing automation platforms. The success that they achieve with the help of automation is truly undeniable.


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