How to Improve Your WordPress Security


WordPress has gone through a lot in improving its WordPress security to prevent illegal access. Nonetheless, we all know that it is impossible to keep your CMS site fully secured. CMS site is always prone to hackers. According to the latest numbers, around 23.2% of the websites online are made from WordPress, making it a very tempting target for any illegal activities of hackers.


5 Ways to Improve WordPress Security



This platform offers us a solid framework for hosting our site, from a simple web design of a personal blog to major online news sites such as Fortune and Tech Crunch. However, to ensure the highest WordPress security, here are some ways to strengthen its defense against malicious activities.



Keep it Updated


It is one of the best ways to keep your WordPress site more secure. The platform is continually monitoring their site and posting an update every time they see a flaw or vulnerability that the hackers can exploit. This WordPress security update can only be utilized if you install them. To verify that you have the latest version on your web design, go to admin and click update; you will see a list of the latest and available updates. Remember that you also need to update plug-ins as they can also be vulnerable to attacks.


Use Intricate Login Information

 WordPress Security

What makes most people vulnerable to hackers is that their login credentials are very predictable. Last 2013, there has been a massive online attack on people who have a login credential of “admin.” Remember to change your username to a more complex credential. As for your WordPress password, refrain from using your birthdates, address, or information associated with you. Keep it long and mix numbers and special characters to make it more complicated.


Adding WordPress Security Plug-ins


Remember that there are plug-ins that you can install to enhance the security of your site. You can include human verification methods such as captcha, puzzle, questions, etc. This simply guarantees that you will not be vulnerable to automatic processes which the hackers generally utilize. Simply click the plug-in directory of the site and choose the WordPress Security plug-ins that you’d like to include. One of the most recommended plug-ins for your web design would be WordFence.



 WordPress Security

It is always recommended to use a File Transfer Protocol whenever you access your WordPress page using a public hotspot. Call your local ISP to verify if they provide such services. If you want to put your security on another level, you may use a VPN whenever you are connecting to an open network.


Keeping Your File System Secured


While the files written by WordPress can offer a lot of benefits, they can also expose you to some security risks. Restrict the file access; think of your file system as an electronic key to your house. It is recommended to get it locked by those people who want to enter your house forcibly.


While it is highly impossible to keep it 100% hacker-proof, you can enhance the WordPress security of your web design by being vigilant and incorporating the practice we mentioned above.

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