How to Download YouTube Songs to PC or Mobile Device?


It was in 2013 when YouTube announced that they would add a feature that would allow you to watch movies even if you are not connected to the internet. it took about 2 years before that project turn into reality. Today, it is easy to download songs and videos using different methods. Here are some of them:


Method #1:  How to Download YouTube Songs to PC

A:  How to Download YouTube Songs Using Downloader Website


Many online downloading platforms allow you to directly download YouTube videos in different formats. Y2mate, Loader, and yt5s are just some of them. You will be able to download it in various audio formats, and they now come with added features that let you download the subtitle of the video.


1.      Copy the URL of the YouTube video. Highlight the address bar and then Copy the website URL either by using Ctrl+C or right-clicking and choosing Copy.


2.      Visit a converter site that will allow you to directly download the video on different audio formats. People typically use the programs mentioned above since it is too easy to use and the navigation system is pretty direct.


3.      Paste the link you copied on the space next to the download button. You may do this by pressing Ctrl+V or using the right-click and choosing paste.


4.      Press the download button. This will prompt the downloader website to start the conversion process, which will only take a matter of seconds. After that, you will be given many options to choose from. Choose the audio format (MP3) that you want to download.


5.      You may now play the song on your device or PC.


B: How to Download YouTube Songs Using Desktop Software


Another great method to download YouTube music files into your PC is with the help of video software such as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and Get Youtube. This video software is not just for converting and editing videos but is also ideal for downloading videos in various formats. It comes with a download feature that automatically converts and downloads the videos on YouTube. You only need to input the video link, choose the format, and the software will automatically download the video in your desired format. You may select AC3, OGG, APE, ACC, M4A, WAV, WMA, MP3, DV, ASF, and other formats. It also comes with a turbo mode that lets you download the video 3x faster than the other software.


C:  How to Download YouTube Songs Using Browser Extension


Your web browser comes with add-ons or extensions that you can conveniently use to download YouTube songs to your PC. For instance, Firefox has YouTube MP3 podcaster, and Opera has Free YouTube MP3 Downloader.


YouTube Mp3 Podcaster


YouTube MP3 Podcaster is the most efficient way to download mp3 music using the Firefox browser. Once you download this extension, you will be able to download mp3 and video to any video hosting site. They also provide you with the highest quality of music files. The download function will be accessible as soon as the video plays. It comes with volume control that will let you adjust the music into its proper modulation. This means that your audio will have a consistent quality. It also has a clipper to cut the unwanted part on the video.


YouTube to MP3


YouTube to MP3 is an Opera Browser extension that lets you conveniently download the videos to an mp3 file. Once you install the extension, you will notice an additional button below the videos on YouTube. Click on that button, and the file conversion will automatically commence. It works very easily and is simple. It is just impossible for you to miss the download button since it can be found next to the number of views.


Method #2:  How to Download YouTube Songs to Mobile or Portable Device


Using a mobile application will no longer have to deal with the common problems you encounter when viewing YouTube videos online, such as the internet speed, data streaming and coverage, and connection issues. When using an android device, you can install the Wontube.  Wontube is a 100% reliable video converter, and it is offered without any charges. It allows you to convert YouTube videos into different formats, including MP3. You will never again worry if the uploader has deleted your favorite video. You can also use a browser that downloads videos such as 1DM+.


If you are using an iOS device, you can use V Download Lite, which presents the fastest way to download songs to your iOS device. It also allows you to download multiple files at the same time. It also comes with a private browsing mode that will maintain the privacy of your browsing. These are just some of the most convenient ways to download YouTube Songs to your PC or mobile devices. 

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