How to Attract Cash Paying Clients to Your Medical Practice


A nominal percentage of the medical practice is highly productive and profitable. Professionals in this field are committed to following a single rule: finding ways to differentiate their practice in the crowd. The cash-paying patient typically expects that the doctor's service they are hiring will be specializing in a certain medical practice. For instance, a dermatologist specializing in psoriasis will likely attract cash paying clients with psoriasis conditions. However, it is not the perfect recipe for your success. By promoting your specialty area, you provide the patient with essential information about your expertise.


Building Cash Paying Clients:  Promoting Your Specialization

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Digital marketing, particularly Google Advertising, has shown a dramatic change in PPC over the past few years. Unfortunately, every SEO expert provides the same advice, using the same keyword, posting the same marketing strategy, and sporting the same website. Here are some ways to boost your marketing plan that will help you build cash paying clients.


Market Research


No medical marketing company will provide you with a recommendation without executing the necessary market research. No medical practice is the same, and your advertising campaign should reflect that. In the initial phase, the marketer may ask you to build a professional website and perform an SEO strategy to get you a higher SERP ranking. But if you want to know the secret behind building cash paying clients, differentiating your practice can make your strategy quite successful.


Building a Professional Website

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You need to watch out for a website development company with a specific specialty (such as a cash medical practice website). This can mean that they are using the same template and reusing them repeatedly. The best website design should reflect your professionalism. It should be responsive, and the navigation system should be simple and functional.


Provide Informative Content


One way to establish your expertise and authority in your field is by providing your patients with informative content. However, there is a possibility that your competitor is also offering the same informative content, which is why it is important to differentiate your service if you are building cash paying clients. Your blog article can also enhance your SEO campaign aside from boosting your online credibility.


Boost your Social Media Presence

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When you want to boost your social media presence, you need to educate your followers and not advertise. The way to succeed in cash medical practice is not through hard selling. Providing them with important information is also a great way to build your reputation. There is a possibility that your followers on your social media account will leave you with a positive review should they find your page useful and informative.


These are some of the effective ways in building cash paying clients. You have to highlight your specialization and promote them through a well-crafted digital marketing plan.


7 Ways To Use Facebook to Attract New Patients

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If you are wasting too much money in your marketing campaign just like most healthcare providers, then you have to think of a way to revamp it. Think about the number of times you access Google through your mobile to search for information about a local business, the times you listen to a radio advertisement, read your direct mail, or open your Yellow Pages phone book to search for a service. To be effective, you need to match your marketing tactics on the way people search for the cash medical practice provider. It is the perfect method in building cash paying clients. Study shows that social media marketing is one of the leading forms of digital marketing. Here are seven ways how you can attract new customers through Facebook.


Get Specific with Your Ad-Targeting


Facebook highly emphasizes the importance of being specific in your ad targeting. You can do advance targeting by filtering relationship status, profession, education level, zip, states, city, likes, social interest, gender, income, age, and demographic. Facebook provides a significant amount of user data to the advertiser, and you need to take advantage of that. It is the perfect way to build cash paying clients; do not waste your money on people who are not interested in your service or those who cannot afford your cash medical practice.


Determine Your Goal

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You will need to have a specific goal n your mind before you even start with your Facebook Ads. Facebook will then execute the corresponding action required to fulfill your goal, whether you want to increase your likes, subscribers or increase your patient.


Include Images


Study shows that a Facebook Ad that comes with an image has a higher engagement rate. However, you need to abide by the existing policy of Facebook when it comes to placing the image. You will need to include at least 20% of text embedded in your image related to cash medical practice.


Get Straight to the Point

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Facebook ads that are direct to the point are more likely to receive a click. It doesn't leave any room for misunderstanding or guessing. If you want them to set an appointment with you or to like your page, go straight to the point. Avoid beating around the bush if you are building cash paying clients.


Pay Attention to the Audience Meter


When you put your targeting condition in your Facebook Advertisement, the system will generate the potential number of people you will reach with your advertisement. It will assist you in case you are targeting too many people. Your cash medical practice advertisement may perform better if tailored for only a thousand people.


Use Conversion-Friendly Pages

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If you are directing the possible new patient to your web page to make an appointment, download, or sign-up for your newsletter, make sure that the page is conversion-friendly. This means that making it easy for them to execute the corresponding action is essential. If you want them to set up an appointment, put an appointment form on the landing page.




One of the key essentials in improving your marketing target is continuous analysis and adjustment. You will need the help of an online marketing tool to track the progress of your marketing. Fortunately, with Facebook, it doesn't take an expert to analyze and measure the numbers. If you are getting a high number of views but with no click, you are targeting the wrong set of people.


When you want to grow your number of patients, Facebook can help you find prospected patients. By following some of the tips we provided above, you will boost your process of building cash paying clients.



5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Attract Cash Paying Clients

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Are you hoping to increase your lead generation? If you are, there are probably more leads that you can find on LinkedIn than other sites. The site contains at least 375 million professional members, including executives from Fortune 500 companies. LinkedIn provides you unhampered access to your targeted market. It offers you an opportunity to connect and strengthen your relationship, which can help build cash paying clients.


Create Connection and Establish a Second-Degree Connection


The people associated with your LinkedIn account are referred to as your 1st-degree connection. It can be called your immediate connection. You will increase your connection exponentially by adding connections you may know. You can also improve it by adding your second-degree connections. Some ways to increase your LinkedIn connection include messaging them at a reasonable time but be sure to never flood their inbox with annoying messages or hard pressing your cash medical practice. You may also interact with them on different social media platforms like Twitter.


Filter the Newsfeed


You can try to filter the newsfeed based on the recommendation. If someone receives a recommendation, there is positivity surrounding that relationship, and there is a higher possibility of succeeding to be introduced by the person who just gave the recommendation.


LinkedIn Answers and Groups

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The LinkedIn Answers and Groups are perfect for building cash paying clients. Answer the question of your prospected clients; with your answer, you will demonstrate your value, relevance, and expertise. This serves as an initial interview and can help the prospected patient decide whether to opt for your cash medical practice or not. It is also the perfect way to build a relationship with them. Concentrate on adding value to the question and not hard selling your cash medical practice. Be sure that your answer is focused on helping them.


Using the Advanced Search Feature


Advanced Search is one of the most effective tools in building cash paying clients. This feature allows you to find a prospect depending on criteria, even if you are not directly associated with them. When using the advanced search in finding qualified leads, you need to specify the industry and the seniority level directly. You may further filter the result by adding the company size.


Find the Decision Maker

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If you really want to dramatically increase your prospected clients, you need to connect with the company's decision makers. Start by talking with your immediate connection and ask them to direct you to the decision-makers of their company. Find ways on how you can set an appointment with them. Highlight the advantages that you can provide to their company.


LinkedIn contains a huge database of your possible patients when building cash paying clients. Follow the tips above to market your cash medical practice successfully.

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