Guide to Buying an Electric Fireplace

The warmth of the flickering flame and the sound of the crackle of the fire invite you and draw you closer to sit nearby. There's something about the fireplace that takes away our worries in the meantime. Unfortunately, not most residences come with a built-in fireplace; the restricted space limits the ability to introduce one. It is almost impossible for you to construct a chimney in your RV boa, apartment complex, or even in an office. Fortunately, we can have the same soothing and relaxing ambiance as the traditional fireplace with an electric fireplace. However, we need to consider different things before starting our shopping for electric fires.


Things to Consider When Buying Electric Fireplace

Eletric fireplace

Before you even go into the market and look for your options, be sure to check this guide. Hopefully, after reading this, you will have a more informed decision.

Identify the Heating Capacity of the Electric Fireplace


One of the first things that you need to consider would be the size of the heater that you will need. The common measure of the electric fires will run at 12.5 amps, 1500 watts, and 120 volts. To identify the heating capacity of the electric fireplace, divide the watt by 10. This implies that the average heater with that specification will provide heat to a room with 150sq. Ft. If you require a heater with higher heating capacity for your fire suites, they are also available at 4,500 BTUS, which will heat an area of 450sq. Ft.


Convenient Installation

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When it comes to installing the electric fireplace, there is fairly nothing to worry about. You should do nothing more than place it in your desired location and plug it into a standard electric outlet. Since the installation is relatively easy, you can move your heater from the different areas of your house. It is one of the advantages of the electric fires over the gas fireplace. Since the gas fireplace will require a complex installation, you cannot move your heating equipment at will.



 electric fire

An electric fireplace is available in various forms and styles. They also come with different features that you also need to consider. Some of them will provide you with the capacity to turn on the crackling sound, the flame, and the ember. Some electronic fireplace also allows you to activate the flame minus the heat. It means that you will still be able to enjoy the beauty of your fireplace even during the summer season. You can also find a fireplace that comes with an inherent wine rack or an entertainment stand.


While it offers many benefits, there are also people saying that it doesn't produce an adequate amount of heat to warm the electric fire suites. By doing some research and following the directions we provide above, you will be able to find an electric fireplace that can warm your entire room.


Safety Tips on Electric Fireplace

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Electric fires are generally safe, especially if you strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions. No doubt, the electric fireplace is a great and beautiful addition to every home. It creates cozy and supplemental heat to make the living area of your grandparents comfortable. It amplifies the romantic ambiance perfect for a date night and the ideal room temperature to keep the baby sleeping sound. However, you need to make sure that you are following the operation guide to enjoy the benefits of the electric fire suites.


We decided to create a compilation of safety tips based on the various operation guides of different manufacturers. Make sure that you read and carefully understand all the tips before using the electric fireplace.


Tips to Avoid Fire Accidents

 Electrical fireplace

1.      Never use an extension cord. All of the manuals will advise you to refrain from using extensions. I know some of you will disregard this recommendation and insist on using an extension; however, make sure you use a heavy-duty cord when using electric fires.


2.      To reduce the possibility of fire occurrence, make sure to keep all combustible materials away from the electric fires. The safe distance for the curtain, pillow, bedding, clothes, and furniture should be around 3 feet or more.


3.      Allow the air to circulate freely. The vents that discharge the hot air and the parts that intake the fresh air should never be blocked.


4.      Unplug the heater when you are not using the equipment.


5.      Examine the plug and cord of the electric fireplace. Avoid operating it if you find slight damage. Also, do not operate the electric fires if the heater was accidentally dropped, damaged, or malfunctioned. You need to return the heater first to an authorized facility for mechanical or electrical adjustment and other repairs.





Tips to Avoid Injury

 Eletric fireplace


1.      Electric Fireplace is considered pet and kid safe; however, we still recommend you practice caution when operating the appliance near the kids or a person with a disability. Never leave them unattended.


2.      Never use your electric fireplace in bathrooms or laundry areas to expose your equipment to water. Remember that electricity and water are never a good match. Do not install the heater in a place where it can accidentally fall on a water container.


3.      The heating component of the electric fire will feel hot once it is turned on. You need to refrain from touching this barely with your hand. While it is operating, the heater outlet's surroundings can also get considerably hot.



You may think that the long list of safety tips on the electric fireplace is too much to absorb. However, if you analyze them closely, most of them are just common sense that you can also apply to different electrical equipment and appliances.


Top Benefits of Electric Fireplace

 Electrical fireplace

One of the main wishes of every homeowner is to have a cozy and comfortable living area with stylish couches and an amazing fireplace that can magnify the room's ambiance and keep them warm during cold winter nights. Although this will be ideal, traditional fireplaces come with excessive expenses. Suppose the maintenance, installation, and cost factors prevent you from having a fireplace. In that case, you will realize that electric fireplace provides the same benefits, but without the common issues we encountered on the traditional fireplace.


Electric Fireplace Does Not Produce Fumes

 Eletric fireplace

The electric fires come with a cord that can easily be plugged into any standard outlet. Once you plug in and turn your heater on, it creates a realistic flame either through an image or an intricately sculptured log. In reality, no flames are being produced, and the unit is not utilizing gas. This means that you never have to work about the smoke or the fire that can penetrate and damage your house. You will get the same ambiance minus the possibility of inhaling toxic fumes.


Low Maintenance

 Electrical fireplace

If you have already considered owning a fireplace, the maintenance will make you think twice. Once you burn woods with fire, it will produce ash and fumes that will travel up in the chimney and leave different residues. You will then be compelled to clean this regularly to avoid the build-up of residue that will allow the smoke to travel freely up into the chimney. You will also need to remove the ash after the log has burned out. All of these can be avoided when you choose an electric fireplace. Since they do not utilize real logs that produce soot and ash, the maintenance cost is considerably low. You also do not have a chimney that requires regular cleaning, power your heater, and you will be able to enjoy your fireplace.



 electric fire

Having a fireplace installed in your house can easily increase to thousands of dollars. The initial cost that you have to incur will not be worth it in due course. An electric fireplace is more affordable; the price will be contingent upon the type of heater you purchase. You also do not have to spend on cleaning the chimney and the firewood and gas needed on a conventional firehouse.


You can enjoy many benefits when you choose an electric fireplace. If you want to enjoy the warmth and cozy ambiance that the fireplace brings, minus the expenses, maintenance, and dangers associated with the traditional fireplace, electric fires would be the best device for you.


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