Google Ads and Google Adsense


There is a difference between Google ads and Google Adsense. Google Ads or Adwords is a tool provided to advertisers to advertise their products or services. You may constantly find these advertisements on different major websites and search results. On the other hand, Adsense is a tool for the publisher to apply as an affiliate and display these Google Ads on their website.


Google Ads and Google Adsense:  How it Works


Google Ads and Google Adsense

If you wonder how Google ads and Google Adsense works, this article will serve as your guide in distinguishing the process surrounding the two platforms. Google offers both platforms, and it contributes a lot in terms of the success of Google. If you are a blogger, you need to know how it works and whether you can use it simultaneously.


Google Ads


Google Ads is a tool for advertisers to show their ads on different sites and Google search results. Most of the results on the first page today are advertisements. If you wonder how Google Ads works, you only have to sign up with Google Adwords and start your advertising. You do not start paying for your displayed ads unless someone clicks on the advertisement. This is called the PPC or pay per click.


Google Adwords is a successful part of Google because of the income that it generates and because of the benefits that it offers to the advertisers. However, before you first use Google Ads, you should be able to comprehend how it works or else you will end up losing a heft amount of cash. Your advertisement should be specifically designed to target a set of people who may be interested in your service or product. Also, do not expect that your advertisement will land on the front page of the Google search result.


Google Adsense


If you are a publisher (blogger or webmaster), you may apply for a Google Adsense to show Google Ads on your site. Whenever someone clicks on the displayed ads, you will receive a fraction of the Advertisers' payment. To know how it works, imagine that you have a food review site that allows Google ads to display on your site. If someone clicks on the ads and the advertiser pays $2.00, the publisher will receive 68%, and the remaining portion will go to Google.


Google ads and Google Adsense cannot be used at the same time. Before, Google allowed this type of promotion to promote your website, and more people will be clicking on your ads. The advertisement procedure of Adsense, including the application process, has become a lot stricter these days. You should not violate any of these, or else you will instantly lose your membership.


Making Money with Google Ads

 Google Ads and Google Adsense

We all love Google; it is the leading search engine site with more than 2 billion searches done every month. However, it offers more than just a search engine site. Google comes with many tools that can help us gain profit out of the traffic that our site is receiving; Google Adsense is one of them. Google Ads has got to be the best affiliate site online. It offers one of the most efficient ways to make money online. You simply have to copy the code Google will provide and embed it on your website. You will earn a specific amount of money every time your visitor clicks on the advertisement or if you reach a particular impression.


How Much Will You Earn on Google Ads


Google SERP

The amount of money you can earn depends on how much money the advertisers are willing to pay to Google. A portion of that amount goes straight into your pocket. The earning on Google Ads can start from a very meager 2 cents up to $15. Most of the earnings for the popular advertisements are priced below $1. It is not that often that you will gain higher from this, but it is still significantly higher than other affiliate websites. Imagine getting one click for every 100 impressions. Other sites will pay you only $1 or less for every click or 100 impressions. If you have a site that receives significant traffic, your monthly earnings can skyrocket to up to 4 digits.


Getting Approved on Google Adsense

 Google SERP

Google Ads is pretty strict when it comes to its sign-up process. Time and again, they have updated their regulations, like the 6-month rule for certain countries, such as China and India. They also do not accept website or blog that offers no help to the online community. Your site's content plays a major role in whether they will accept your site or not. If the content is poor with many grammar mistakes and the sentence construction is subpar, Google Adsense will probably reject it. It also has to be unique with no tiny sign of plagiarism. Your web design is also a crucial factor. Make sure that your text and the background are in contrasting colors. It should also be complete with the necessary elements such as the About Me and Contact Us page. You also need a top domain site once you apply on their affiliate site (except for Blogspot). The approval usually takes a few hours and will undergo a second analysis for 2-3 days. During the past months, the approval process can take a few weeks.


There are a lot of Google Ads that you can display on your site once you get approval. They have images, banner ads, local ads, and display ads; you are allowed to block the advertisements that you do not want to show up on your site. You are in full control of what kinds of ads will appear on your website.


Boosting your Sale with Google AdWords


For the online marketer, the sales season can be an overwhelming period. The previous stable and constant marketing campaign will instantly turn into something that will possibly cost you a hefty amount of cash in just a limited time. Different industries are affected by the surge of the sales season, but most of the affected businesses would be the retail and the service-based industry. If you manage a company within that category, you are probably aware of the common trend during sales months. To provide you with some guidance, we listed some important tips on how you can use Google AdWords to boost your sales.


Tips To Boost AdWords Online Sales

 Google Ads and Google Adsense

One effective tool that any advertiser can use to increase their lead generation this sales season would be Google AdWords. The importance of knowing how to use this tool can’t be understated. This is a competitive market, and the competition will get even tougher during this period.


Create a Sales Marketing Campaign


Most of the marketing campaign during the sales season is about shopping campaigns. Sales season will commonly have themes, for instance, gift-giving during Christmas and tech sales during Black Friday. For a nominal cost in every click, you can get prospected buyers looking for gifts. It is also a great way to build your leads. It is also necessary to think about special offers. This is when the rival company will be aggressive on their marketing campaign, so you will probably think about ways to counter their move and make sure that you will get handsomely rewarded. You may use Google AdWords to promote your small trinkets and gifts, faster delivery, and discount offers.


Location Targeting



If your business has a physical location, using targeted location in Google Adwords would be a fine idea. People who lack time to do online shopping may find your local establishment a solution for their problem. It is the best time to maximize the targeted location in Display Advertising and Search. If you are offering your product nationally, you can create a separate campaign for the specific product. Exclude your local targeting from the national marketing campaign. You may utilize Bulk Location, Location Group, and Radius Targeting to define the particular location specifically. It will make your Google AdWords online campaign easy to track.


Dynamic Remarketing

 Google Adwords icon

Setting up a Dynamic Remarketing campaign will give you that opportunity to market the same product that an audience viewed after they decided to leave the site. This can be performed with the help of Display Network. To successfully set up this campaign, you will need to integrate your Merchant Center and Google AdWords. This will give you unhampered access to the data derived on an optimized feed at the Merchant Center.


Google AdWords comes with numerous components that you can use to boost your AdWords online sales and lead generation this sales season. These are just a small portion of the effective tips but will provide a solid foundation to make your campaign stand out.

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