Essential Vitamins for Hair Fall Treatment


Your hair loss and hair thinning can affect your sleeping habit and mindset. Nothing is more stressful than looking at your beautiful hair gradually falling out. However, do not fret, as there is some hope for your thinning hair depending on your condition with the help of hair fall treatment. You must first understand that everyone suffers hair fall, so if you find a few hair strands in your comb or brush, do not panic. It may be a normal process of your hair life cycle. It becomes a problem when it is a sign of Vitamin deficiency, especially Iron and Protein. Here’s why these vitamins are essential.


Iron and Protein Hair Fall Treatment

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The cells of our hair can rapidly grow, but they are still one of the most affected areas when we suffer vitamin deficiency. This hair loss condition may be caused by temporary issues which can be mitigated. Before you even dive into the expensive Hair Fall Treatment, you may want to pay good attention to the type of foods you are putting on your plate. The nutrients that your body absorbs will be first sent into the vital organs in your body; our hair will absorb the small portion that will be left.


Deficiency in Iron

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Iron deficiency normally occurs among women when they are pregnant. During this instance, the blood will not have adequate red blood cells responsible for transporting the oxygen to different cells and providing the body with the energy it requires. The fuel of our body is also needed to maintain the health of our hair. The hair follicles require an ample amount of iron when they are growing. Those women experiencing heavy menstruation can be exposed to iron deficiency. This is why most women are more prone to hair loss. In case this is your condition, meat, particularly red meat, can supply you with ferritin, which aids the body in producing hair cells. Other foods rich in Iron are cereals, soya beans, chickpeas, beans, nuts, fish, and green veggies. These foods act like hair fall treatment products.


Why Protein is Essential for Healthy Hair

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The strands of our hair are composed of protein which means that it needs a healthy dose of protein to keep it healthy. If you have a lack in the supply of protein, the amount of protein that your hair can absorb will not be sufficient. Remember that the hair is not vital for our survival, so it only receives a small fraction of the nutrients. In this case, your hair will start to look brittle; you need a complete source of protein which consists of all amino acids such as yogurt, green peas, legumes, cheese, and milk that contains essential hair fall treatment vitamins.


Irons and proteins are essential vitamins that work wonders for our hair. Ensure that you have an ample supply of these hair fall treatment Vitamins if you want livelier and fuller hair.

Why Sex Is a Good Hair Fall Treatment

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If you are spending a hefty amount of money on hair fall treatment, the solution you may be looking for would just be a passionate night. We are not telling you to discard your hair growth products, but sex has an enormous amount of benefits for beautiful hair. We have listed some reasons why sex can work as a hair loss cure.


Enhance the Glow of Your Hair

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Similar to any tedious exercises, sex tends to enhance your blood circulation and ensure that the organs, skin, and hair all over our body are properly oxygenated. This is why some people’s hair is glossy and smooth compared to others who lack proper exercise. Experts are also saying that it can improve your heart rate, which guarantees the proper blood flow and acts as a hair fall treatment.


Livelier Hair

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Stress can affect the fullness of your hair. Stress hormones that our body produces are commonly linked to hair loss. Your sexy time can greatly reduce the massive impact of stress on our bodies, especially when you reach orgasm. According to the study, orgasm can enhance collagen production, which makes our skin and hair vibrant and full of life. It may also trigger hormones in our body that makes our hair flexible, making it an instant hair loss cure.


Sex Makes it Stronger

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According to the research, sex will enable our system to properly distribute the nutrients and allow the different parts of our body to improve the absorption of nutrients. An immense increase in the absorption of minerals and nutrients can greatly enhance the strength of our hair.


Enhance our Sleep

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The biggest benefit of sex would be to give us better sleep. This will make us look more refreshed and alert when we wake up during the morning. There will also be an increase in oxytocin called the ‘feel-good’ hormones. According to professionals, the oxytocin level in our body spikes when we have sex. This relaxes our feeling and gives us a better sleep. As you all know, better sleep can improve the health of our hair and act as a hair fall treatment.


During a sexual interaction, the body will release an increased amount of estrogen, which prevents the dullness of our hair and prevent hair loss. The enhancement of circulation also contributes to shiny hair and smoother skin. As you can see, sex has plenty of beneficial effects on our hair. So aside from taking your daily dose of hair fall treatment, a passionate night can also do wonders.

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