Essential Tips for the Yoga Beginners


With the multitude of advantages, you can experience with Yoga, there is certainly a point in your life that this wellness practice has crossed your mind. However, getting into this program may seem daunting for you. Where do you find a place to practice Yoga? What is the perfect style for you, and you don't probably understand what Vinyasa is?


Important Tips for the Beginners in Yoga

Tips for the Yoga Beginners

Believe me; I am in the same boat as you were when I started this practice. You may feel overwhelmed during the first instance, but once you get used to it, the comfort it brings is truly satisfying. Here are some tips for beginners to help you begin in the Yoga practice.


Where to Practice Yoga

 Tips for the Yoga Beginners

Many places offer Yoga Instruction; you just have to know where to find it. The first place to look would be at the nearest YMCA, providing entry-level instruction. You can also search for a nearby yoga studio or a gym. However, you need to be informed about their Yoga teaching since some forms of Yoga can be quite tedious and strenuous. Possibly, this isn't your first time to go in an exercise; you are probably an athlete or a physically fit person; however, you may still find Yoga challenging. Proper alignment is vital when it comes to Yoga. It would be best to learn about the appropriate posture for the basic pose. Some studios may advertise their Yoga class as fit for 'all-level,' but learning the basics first before joining the all-level class is highly suggested. Some people think that Yoga is just plain stretching and bending, but there is something more profound to it.


Choosing a Mat

 Tips for the Yoga Beginners

Before you choose your Yoga mat, you should try a few classes and see if it is suitable for you. Some of the studios and gyms are providing mats. There are a lot of varieties and price ranges of the Yoga mat; it would be beneficial for you to ask your coach about it and guide you about the mat that suits you. Some mats are designed specifically for hot Yoga, and they vary in thickness. Their price range may start from $10 up to $80.


The Names


There is a tendency that the Yoga studio may name their classes Forrest, Kripalu, Classical, Vinyasa, Bikram, and Power. Their yoga style may have certain differences, but they are all derived from the same foundation of Hatha.   When you are just beginning, it is recommended to try various forms and analyze what they can offer. These are the basic things you need to keep in mind when you are just beginning to practice Yoga.


The Amazing Benefits of Yoga

 Yoga benefits

Yoga has long been proven to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety and increase your body's flexibility. However, study shows that it is more than just helping you find that inner peace and twisting your body. It also offers many benefits to boost your productivity at home and work. If you are not into yoga practice, the list of benefits below will convince you to purchase a yoga mat and start doing those yoga poses.


Boost Your Immunity


Based on the latest study from Norway, Yoga can serve as a catalyst in changing gene expression, immensely improving our immune system. Compared to vitamins and supplements, which will take long before we feel the improvement, the result with Yoga is instant. The changes will occur while the practitioner is still in their Yoga Mat. The boost in the immune system we receive with Yoga is significantly greater than people who went hiking while enjoying relaxing music. It can also increase our overall health, which can further advance our immunity.


Reduce Migraine

 Yoga benefits

According to the study, Yoga can significantly reduce migraine within three months of continuous practice. The primary cause of experiencing migraine is still unknown; however, some experts say that migraine is caused by misalignment and mental stress. Hunching for a prolonged time while you are texting or surfing the net will tighten the neck and lift the trapezius.


Improve Your Sexual Performance


Three months of ongoing Yoga practice can enhance the satisfaction, orgasm, confidence, performance, arousal, and sexual desire of both women and men. On a physical level, Yoga will improve the blood circulation in the genital which is essential for erection and arousal. It also enhances the strength of the muscle on the pelvic floor. Mind control and proper breathing can also improve your performance on a mental level.


Have a Better Sleep

 Yoga tips

Harvard recently released a study that says that yoga students have better sleeping habits. It also improved the quality of sleep for people who have insomnia. URMC also noted that cancer patients could achieve a night of better sleep and feel energized by practicing Yoga. This benefit can be attributed to the ability of Yoga to help release stress.


Avoid Cravings and Bingeing


The University of Washington stated that Yoga could be directly associated with careful eating. With the proper breathing practice, Yoga improves the connection of the mind and the body. This level of awareness can assist you in tuning in to your emotion and preventing cravings. It can also help you make better choices when it comes to food.


Committing To Yoga Practice

 Yoga benefits

We all have our particular reasons why we are practicing Yoga, but there are times that it is just too difficult to commit. Perhaps your family or work responsibilities prevent you from committing entirely to the session. You are also probably worried that you will not be able to accomplish the different poses of Yoga. However, if you observe the people committed to practicing their Yoga, they will look more relaxed in handling their schedule and responsibilities. Most of them also reported becoming more efficient and productive in their work. Here are some of the essential things that I have noticed and learned that will support you in developing and building your commitment towards a healthier lifestyle.


The 21-Date Rule


Based on the study, it will take up to 21 days before you can form a new habit. Take your calendar and start formulating your schedule. Treat this as your much-needed 'me' time. Remember that you should treat yourself as the most significant person in the world. If you can attend to your needs effectively, you will also serve others much better. When creating your schedule, avoid making it too cramped. Start with at least one or two sessions per week. Be kind to yourself and make your program very sustainable.


Finding a Buddy

 Yoga benefits

Driving to the studio and practicing Yoga will be a lot easier if you have a friend willing to take this journey with you. Your friend will help you keep your experience interesting, monitor your progress, keep you responsible, and support you in creating a new habit. 


Settle the Membership Fee



According to the study, we tend to appreciate what we have already paid. When we acquire something at a discounted rate or their special offer, we often say that it would be okay if we did not get something out of it; what matters is that we did not lose a lot of money. Simply put, it is just okay for us to fail as long as it does not affect our financial state. We should not only value our financial assets, but we should also play importance on our energy. By paying the membership fee in full, you will be able to commit more to your yoga classes.




Visualization is a method that entrepreneurs commonly use. However, it can also be used to make you committed to your yoga class. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Know your reason for joining a yoga class and visualize the result if you perform Yoga regularly. Make sure that you always imagine that result when taking a yoga class. Follow some of these tips, and you will successfully create a new habit. There will come a time when going to a yoga class is no longer a matter of question but a way of life. It will be like brushing your teeth the moment you wake up in the morning.


Foods That Should Be Avoided When Going to a Yoga Class


When you attend a yoga class, your teacher will tell you about the foods that you should be avoided before you go to your class. This is obvious since it can make your contorting, twisting, and inverting uncomfortable. Some movements can affect the function of your digestive system. You should avoid foods high in proteins and fats that take too long to digest when you are planning to go to a yoga class. Here are some foods you should avoid when going to a yoga class. We will also present better alternatives.


Seeds and Nuts

 Tips for the Yoga Beginners

Seeds and nuts are indeed highly nutritious, and they contain minerals intended to nourish our bodies. Unfortunately, they are also a rich source of protein and fats that will sit for an extended period in our stomach. Instead of ingesting seeds or nuts, choose something that will pass through our digestive system much faster, such as raspberries.


Fried Food


We are all aware of how long it takes to digest fried foods such as onion rings and French fries. It will take hours before we feel our hunger. Foods that will sit for a longer period in our digestive tract will lead to discomfort when doing yoga poses on our yoga mat. You can successfully eliminate that discomfort by choosing jicama and sliced cucumber over the fried foods.



 Tips for the Yoga Beginners

Cheese (even the type that vegans eat) has a high protein and fat content, making them difficult to digest. We want to feel relaxed and light when practicing Yoga, so it is best to avoid this sustenance. You may choose a dark chocolate (preferably the chocolate with 65% cocoa) that will provide you with the energy to support you on your yoga routine.


Fish and Meat


Healthy fish and meats will also take time to digest in our stomach since they are a high protein source. It will make you feel heavy when you are doing your yoga poses. Your movements will also look sluggish. To temporarily replace your source of protein, you may choose a slice of apple or rice crackers that dissolves much easier.



 Yoga tips

This fruit is known as a superfood due to its rich nutrients and minerals that our body needs to function optimally. However, avocado has an increased amount of fats which takes a considerably longer time to dissolve. If you are looking for alternatives, eat some steamed veggies instead. You may also eat some celery sticks and slices of grapefruit.


Finally, you should temporarily remove sauces, dips, and dressings from your diet before going to your yoga class. They might seem healthy and harmless, but they have hidden fats and oils. They may be delicious, but they will be stored longer in our stomachs. Opt for something fresh such as organic sugar fruits, to satisfy your cravings and hunger.

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