Engaging Team Building Exercises for Work


Establishing ties among the team members can be a bit overwhelming because you are dealing with different individuals with different personalities. The conventional team building exercises for work will no longer cut the deal and will receive eye-rolling rather than excitement. A great team bonding game should forge a connection on your team and promote fun and engaging learning. 



Zombie Escape


Team Building Exercises for Work

For improving your team's collaboration and problem-solving skills, the zombie escape would be the exhilarating team building exercises for work. During the game, the facilitator will gather every team in a conference room; one worker will pretend to be the zombie, and the remaining team members will be locked in the conference room. The zombie will be tied using a rope, and the rope will be gradually restrained every 5 minutes. The team must solve the puzzle before such time that the zombie will reach them.


Battle of the 'Bands'

 team bonding activity

Have you ever seen that popular lip-sync battle show wherein the participants will only lip-sync the song of their choice? We will take that to a higher level and create a battle of the band. Every team must consist of 4-5 members, and they will be the ones to decide who will be the guitarist, bassist, vocalist, drummer, and keyboard player. We will be providing you ample time to rehearse your chosen song before they lip-sync their song. This team building exercises for work is not only fun, but it also promotes team bonding.


Shrinking Vessel


For building camaraderie, quick thinking, and improving your team's problem-solving skills, the shrinking vessel would be the great team building exercises for work. You will only need ample space and a rope. Have the team members stand inside the rope and gradually reduce the area. This will force the participants to think to contain the whole team inside the space quickly.


Community Service

 team bonding activity

Great team building exercises for work should also have the act of giving back to the community. It would be a great chance for you to conduct a beach clean-up or let the team participate in the adopt-a-family activity during work holidays. It is a great way for your team to be exposed in a positive setting. It will be a great way to improve the bonding of your team and a perfect way to market your business.


Remember that the best team building exercises for work would be the perfect ice breaker and a group activity that your team will surely enjoy.


Fun and Exciting Team Building Exercises for Work

Team Building Exercises for Work


Things can be pretty overwhelming to a new guy, especially in work settings. You always have that feeling of anxiety since you don't know what you should expect; you are always nervous since you have no idea if you will get along with the rest of the workers. In addition, you also want to excel in your job and advance your career. To make the newbie feel welcome, some employers conduct team building exercises for work to allow the newcomer to adapt to the new environment easily.


Different Types of Fun and Exciting Team Building Exercises for Work

 team bonding activity

There are instances when your morale and spirit are just low, and you may think that you made a big mistake in inking the contract. Perhaps the company is experiencing a rough time, and it will probably continue if the mood continues like this. However, do not fret as there are team building exercises for work that will increase the morale of your workers.


Bonding Belt


Bonding Belt is one of the great team building exercises for work that compels your workers to work hand in hand. It will instantly promote communication and interaction. The activity will essentially last from 15-30 minutes, and it is a perfect team bonding activity when having a short break during a company event or meeting. A group with 6 members will be bonded during the game using a tape or a film. Conducting this type of game can get crazy, so be sure you have someone to facilitate the game.


The Circle of Queries

 team bonding activity

When your business grows, you are expected to accept new workers; there may even be the need to hire a new team since your previous worker may probably be working in a different position now. The Circle of Queries would be one of the best team building exercises to motivate your people to improve their listening and communication skills. It is an ideal way to address some internal issues of the company and some unspoken problems.


Being Present


Communication is one of the vital keys in fortifying a great team. It is impossible to have a thriving relationship if the workers lack efficient communication. They should know when to voice out their insights and when to listen to an idea. The 'Being There' team building exercises for work will aid in identifying the distraction and improve the attention span of the employees.


There are different teams and various topics you want to address with team building exercises for work. When hiring a partner for your team bonding activity, you should choose someone who has experience in dealing with different companies to guarantee that they have the means to support you.


Top Team Building Exercises for Communication

 Team Building Exercises for Work

Effective communication among employers is vital for the company's success. Unfortunately, the statistics state that not many companies are emphasizing its importance. Around 60% of the workers lack the essential elements needed to communicate effectively. 82% of them believe that the organization should address this problem. Effective communication can be easily achieved with a myriad of team building exercises for communication. It will promote interaction, cooperation, and trust. Here are the top team bonding activities focused on enhancing communication.


Ice Breaker


The ice breaker is a popular method to introduce the new guy to the old workers. These team building exercises for communication are intended to promote cooperation and communication among the team members. Ice breakers can start with almost any theme. One popular ice breaker activity would be to ask the new guy to go around the room and ask everyone about attributes that not many people know. You may take this differently by asking the new guy and asking the workers to tell about something they are proud of. It is a great way of being acquainted with one another.


Verbal Communication

 Team Building Exercises for Work

When conducting team building exercises for communication, you try as much as possible to eliminate the distraction. Verbal Communication is intended that way. During the verbal communication, the eyes of the participants will be covered and asked to perform an activity that they cannot see. The facilitator will then ask the participants to line up according to their attributes. It will force them to communicate with one another.


Nonverbal Communication


Who says team building exercises for communication are only for verbal communication? Sometimes, nonverbal communication is as effective as verbal. It is designed to encourage the participants to communicate without speaking. One of the perfect examples of nonverbal communication would be the popular game of charades, wherein the person will be required to convey the message with his body language.


Written Communication

 team bonding activity

Written communication is projected to enhance their communication through e-mails or interoffice memos. One of the most effective types of team building exercises for communication would be to ask them to write a solution or step for a certain "How To" problem in a limited number of steps. For instance, ask them to write instructions on how to tie a shoelace in 5 steps; the person who managed to give the most precise answer in a limited step will win the activity.


Communication is an essential aspect of cooperation, and it is a great attribute of a successful business. Be dedicated to designing team building exercises for communication that will strengthen the interaction of the participants.

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