Adobe Illustrator for Logo Design Guide

In graphic and logo design, many applications allow us to create responsive designs that can be used in various functions. Perhaps Photoshop and InDesign are some of the most renowned software. Unfortunately, their unique features may not be suitable in creating logo designs. Adobe Illustrator for logo design has the distinctive strength that makes it an appropriate tool for that task compared to the two aforementioned applications.


Adobe Illustrator for Logo Design


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the most preferred tool for vector artists. It comes with intuitive and versatile features apt for creating graphic logos. It comes with a vector tool that can make a vector graphic output. The vector file can be resized infinitely, and the quality of the image will not be affected. This feature is crucial for logo design since it will be used for different applications. You need it to look stunning on your business card and commanding in a billboard advertisement. In addition, Adobe Illustrator is also packed with great drawing features that allow the graphic artist to make natural and free-flowing shapes that are apart from the predetermined conditions. Although some clients may feel overwhelmed by this huge list of options, the capacity to create unique forms and turn them into vector files makes Illustrator a stand out for logo design.


Understanding Vector Images

 Illustrator for Logo Design

Vector images are constructed using an array of points, shapes, curves, angles, and lines. It means that the graphic artist can edit the file in unlimited ways. For instance, if you use Photoshop to draw a heart and find out that the base is too narrow, you just have to be content with it. However, if you choose to create the heart using Illustrator, you can alter the base of the heart and make it a bit wider. You can also make it larger or smaller without worrying if the quality of your image will be affected. The transparent backdrop of the vector image is also necessary. For example, if you are working on a rasterized image, you will need to extract the image first from its background before adding it into something. It is not the case with Illustrator; the vector image can be placed on top of different elements without the extensive process of separating the image.


Adobe Illustrator Offers Flexibility

 Illustrator for Logo Design

Adobe Illustrator for logo design is intended for creative professionals who can use it at its maximum capacity. It is a premium application that offers unmatched flexibility. It can provide the preferred output format that you can use in various applications such as promotions, print, digital, and others. Although you can also use InDesign and Photoshop to create a logo design, Illustrator's specialized features made it an overall winner in graphic logo design. It provides the client with the versatility that their growing business will need. If the company wants to ensure the long-term use of its logo, they should consider Illustrator.

How to Create a Logo in Illustrator


When designing a logo, you need to have a profound understanding of the company or organization that it represents. You need to understand their values and the message they are trying to convey. Creating a logo that represents the organization's identity requires a different approach. It comes with unique problems and challenges that also require unique solutions. Let us see how you can use Adobe Illustrator for logo design.


Step-By-Step Guide When Designing Logo in Illustrator

 Adobe Illustrator

Before you start designing your logo on Illustrator, we advise you to devise a plan first. Start sketching various symbols on a piece of paper. The logos that you created will serve as your guide. You need to understand that when it comes to logo design, precision is very critical; that is why you need to start on this project manually.


Set-up Your Project


Open your Adobe Illustrator and create a new file. Set the settings of your workspace accordingly. The logo's dimension and pixels should be on the highest quality standard. Take advantage of the Layers tool to properly manage your logo project.


Preparing Shapes

 Adobe Illustrator for Logo Design

When creating a logo, you should try using the basic shape to make intricate art. The Smart Guidelines tool can be used to arrange your different elements. You may also use the Shape Panel; by combining different Circles using the Ellipse tool or complex shapes using the Polygon tool, you will be able to achieve precision. If you want to make sure that the figures you are creating are proportionate, simply hold the 'Shift' key when drawing these elements. When you have different elements on your workspace, try to ungroup these elements by selecting the ungroup option at the Object tool. This will be ideal if you are not using all the elements.


Designing the Fonts


There are different ways to design the text on your logo; there are add ons on Illustrator that will allow you to convert your font into a .otp file. If you want to start from scratch, you should begin by sketching the letters on a sketch pad. Scan those letters and convert them into vectors. You may also choose from the thousands of fonts available on Adobe Illustrator.


Combining and Tweaking the Elements

 Illustrator for Logo Design

The Pathfinder Tool will help combine the different shapes that you created. Combine and merge the various elements until you create an intricate art that reflects the value of the company or organization. After combining the logo and the font, it is now time to tweak it. When making changes, keep it subtle. You can change the scale of the logo or the position of the text.


Finally, you need to choose the proper color of the logo. If you are using the Adobe Illustrator CS4, you may access the Kuler App. Some professionals avoid the gradient shade when choosing a color, but that should not restrict your creativity. You need to try different colors on the logo on text and background. However, make sure that the colors compliment each other; it is also recommended to choose a color that reflects the industry and value of the company.

Adobe illustrator may not be ideal to use for the technically challenged. If you are looking for tools that you can use in you custom logo design, we have developed a comprehensive guide to that.

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