Can Dogs Have Toothpaste


Our canine friends are similar to us humans in various ways. They will need an adequate amount of exercise and plenty of sleep. They will also need to keep their dental health in check. Brushing their teeth should be started at an early age to help them get used to this idea. This will help prevent dental ailments such as unpleasant breath, periodontal disease, and gum diseases. However, when brushing their teeth, it is essential to use kinds of toothpaste created for dogs.


Human Toothpaste is Not Safe for Dogs


Can Dogs Have Toothpaste

Human toothpaste is not edible. Once your dog accidentally ingests the toothpaste, it may lead to huge problems. Most human toothpaste comes with additives such as the sudsing agents that create the foam when we brush our teeth. We humans will not experience any trouble when we ingest it, while dogs may develop liver damage. Human toothpaste may also contain xylitol, a compound that we usually find in chewable vitamins, throat lozenges, and sugar-free gums. If the dog ingests this, it will be at risk of experiencing a sudden increase in the insulin level, followed by an instant drop in the blood sugar level.


What Types of Toothpaste Are Safe for Dogs?

 Can Dogs Have Toothpaste

Edible toothpaste formulated for dogs will be the best option. There are readily available products that you can avail at any pet store. Since dogs won't be able to spit the toothpaste, they will most likely swallow it. By ensuring that the toothpaste comes with edible ingredients, you can guarantee that it will be safe while fighting against the buildup of plaque and tartar. To make the experience more pleasant for your dog, you may choose dog toothpaste that comes with exciting flavors. You may select a toothpaste with seafood flavor, mint, vanilla, peanut, poultry, and beef. You may want to avail the smaller product samples to determine which type of toothpaste your dog will love before investing in a bigger package.


Choosing the Best Dog Toothpaste

 Can Dogs Have Toothpaste

It may be challenging for you to find the right dog toothpaste during your initial try. You may want to experiment with different brands and flavors. When looking for toothpaste, it is essential to find the perfect balance between the efficacy and flavor of the toothpaste. It should have a fantastic taste that your dogs will love, and it needs to be powerful enough to treat different dental diseases.


The dog toothpaste is also available in different forms, such as sprays, gels, and rinses. Some products come with grain alcohol, and others are enzymatic. Ensure to peruse the ingredients included in the product before purchasing the toothpaste. This will help you determine if it comes with ingredients that your dog shouldavoid. You should make it a habit to check your pets' teeth and determine if there are any signs of oral problems. In case you notice some issues, take them immediately to the veterinarian.


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