Can Dogs Have Apple Juice


Apple juice has that unique scent and taste that humans enjoy. It is a delicious treat that your dog will also love. However, before giving them a bottle of apple juice, make sure that it is entirely safe for the dogs. The apples may not be harmful to our dogs, but the juice would be different. Dog owners reported bowel irregularities and loose stools after their pets drank apple juice.


Avoid Giving Apple Juice to Your Dogs


Can Dogs Have Apple Juice

The sugar and artificial sweeteners included in the apple juice are some of the reasons why they are not ideal for our dogs. Some brands add ingredients and additives that may lead to complications. No matter how delicious they may taste, this processed juice is also considered unhealthy for humans. Most of the fruit juices offered in the market contain a high amount of sugars and artificial sweeteners. Instead of providing them with apple juice, you may want to consider giving them probiotics designed to improve our dogs' digestion. While there may not be instant harm in sharing your apple juice with them, choosing the healthier option is always best. Apple juice is not a healthy drink, especially if you give it to your dog regularly.


Dealing With the Constipation of Dogs

 Can Dogs Have Apple Juice

If your dogs are having a hard time passing stool, they might be suffering from constipation. You may need to check for some signs of blood on their stool since the veterinarian will ask this. You will have to document this to help the vets find the best solution for your dogs. You could take a picture if you find it hard to describe the appearance of their droppings. Giving them apples or apple juice will not help with their constipation.


Constipation Could Indicate an Underlying Health Condition

 Can Dogs Have Apple Juice

You may also think that constipation can be a sign of a more serious health condition. There are instances that it can be symptoms of colitis which is regarded as inflammation in our colon. Instead of giving them apple juice, you should take them to the veterinarian where they will be prescribed medication. For mild cases of constipation, some dog owners will use apple juice as a remedy. If you want to use this, it may be best to create a homemade apple juice and refrain from adding sugar. Add equal parts of water and apple juice. The water will perfectly work for the dog's dehydration, a common cause of mild constipation.


Using Pedialyte instead of apple juices due to the rich content of electrolytes is a better option. It provides an immediate solution in restoring the balance of your body. Providing your dogs with an adequate amount of exercise will also be a better solution in stimulating their digestive system rather than giving them apple juice. If your dog is experiencing chronic constipation, the veterinarian may recommend rectal suppositories.


Apple juice cannot be used to relieve the constipation of dogs. If you still want to try it, homemade apple juice is the ideal choice.

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