Can Dogs Eat Squid?


You were having an incredible seafood dinner when a tiny piece of squid fell on the floor. Your pet dog immediately rushes in to have a bite of that squid. You probably wonder if a piece of squid will be safe for your dog. Generally, squid is considered safe for your pets; however, the manner of preparation may affect its safety.


The Benefits of Squids


Can Dogs Eat Squid?

Squid is a potent source of protein that can be good for our dogs. It contains a low amount of fat, especially when you don't batter or fry it. Squid can be beneficial to our dogs only at the right amount. Here are some of the nutritional contents found in the squid.


·         Copper- Squid has a rich content of copper that is ideal for our furry friends. Copper is an essential element used by our body to produce red blood cells. This compound will help in the production and storage of iron.


·         Zinc- Zinc provides different benefits to our dogs by fighting the microorganisms destroying their body organs. By boosting the zinc level in their body, you are also enhancing their immune system.

 Can Dogs Eat Squid?

·         Low Calorie and Fat- The amount of cholesterol and fat absorbed by our body when eating squid is very minimal. This is a great treat for your dog, especially if you want to deal with obesity. When preventing the development of health complications associated with fats and cholesterol, try to feed them with uncooked squid.


·         Vitamins- Squids are also a healthy source of vitamins essential in maintaining a healthy body. Vitamin B3 can help us stabilize the blood sugar level of our dog. It also comes with vitamin B12, which prevents damage to our heart.


Feeding Your Dog with Squid

 Can Dogs Eat Squid?

Introducing a new type of food to your dog's diet will probably cause a disturbance in their digestive tract. This is quite common to most dogs since they have a sensitive digestive system. Most seafood contains toxic materials, and squid is not necessarily an exception. It contains heavy metals such as mercury. This is why we discourage you from feeding your dogs with squid daily.


You may also consider the manner of preparation of the squid before giving it to your canine friend. For instance, calamari, which includes breading and frying, adds salt, fats, and calories to the content of the squid. Foods high in fat can cause inflammation of our dog's pancreas. The dogs can develop symptoms like depression, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting.

 Can Dogs Eat Squid?

While providing a desirable amount of squid will not be bad for our dogs, feeding them with calamari should be avoided. Dogs showing signs of allergies should also consider sticking with the regular source of protein such as chicken or beef. If you notice any complications, be sure to call the doctor's help, who may help you relieve some of your dog's discomfort.


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